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i watched the video about vitamin c use. i had thought of it after reading Dr. Atkins book, he also suggested a high protein diet to make it fully work. i didn't get a dosage and ended up with scurvy!! could you please give me a rough estimate and time period. I've been using heroin and other opiates for 13 years now. I've been trying to stop the last 10 years.

I'm trying again right now but it will be a long night and so on....if you could help me I'm sure I could help others.....thanks

James T.

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Hello James T.,
I would like to recommend that you watch the youtube video:"Heroin, cocaine, crack meth withdrawal treatment" by Dr. Schauss / using sodium ascorbate acid ( sodium based vit. c) as it worked perfectly for my friend just recently as she detoxed off heroin w/ this amazing vitamin c.
if you need more info let me know~ here is what we did the first 24 hours, rested, movies, took a walk, sunshine, rest, moondrops (homeopathic sleep tabs) really helped with insomnia at night,
eating good food thats pureed if needed as appetite was lessened. gentle stretching, consider the book by byron katie about "the Work" to help you alter how you will deal with problems once off the heroin, being out in nature daily, start a little garden, do your bliss basically , what do you love to do ? or did love when you were a child? think about it.
Meditation is always on the list as we get to get close to our real self and stop all the mental noise and soft gentle loving breathing 2 -3 -4 x a day , 5 breaths or so. I find Ayurveda Medicine to be really helpful with diet and lifestyle suggestions tailored to your type/ dosha. All the best to you James, you can do this with this Vit. C. it was really pretty easy as pie!
Enjoy every minute,
P.S. Paul Pitchford's book: Healing with Whole Foods (at libraries) had a chapter on drug addiction and treatment, and I found his insight very helpful as he states that if you are eating certain foods, you will be more attracted to drugs and alcohol as they help unblock the blocks from this kind of diet, the problem is that the drugs and alcohol make you pay a heavy price and its momentary unblocking of the Liver. Best bet is to eat wisely and he outlines that very well.
I should write him and tell him about the Sodium vit. c to add this info to future editions. (Also this book is truly a work of love as it covers everything and more to getting healthy for every age and includes a great cookbook too!).
P.p.s. we tried regular vit c. at first 'cause we couldn't find the sodium crystal vit c., but it didn't work very well at all.
so we ordered the good stuff online and it worked just as Dr. Schauss said it would!
Also, while shopping at a health food store, I checked and sure enough there it was for $13.99, on their shelf. The staff told me they didn't have it , so don't believe them , go yourself and read all the vit.c. labels as it didn't say it on the front of the bottle, it was the ingredient list : there shouldn't be anything else with it either.

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This article should help: http://www.encognitive.com/node/1075

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