Homeopathy: Swollen tonsils in children


Homeopathy: Swollen tonsils in children

Swollen tonsils are fast becoming a universal experience among children living in today's environment. Homeopathy added to your chiropractic management program can effectively provide you with the right tools to correct the underlying causes behind this condition.

Although the symptoms associated with swollen tonsils may have similar expressions, the underlying root causes may be different, thus requiting different homeopathic remedies. Perhaps out of 10 swollen tonsil cases, 50% of them may require different homeopathic formulations to correct the problem.

A simple sublingual confirmation test using either a muscle test or leg length check can be used to ascertain which homeopathic formula(s) will respond to the child's needs. The leg check response is recommended for children under five or six years old because it is difficult for children at this age to respond to muscle testing.

The first homeopathic formula to consider would obviously be a swollen tonsils formula. However, this type of formula may not show as positive as others in certain geographic locations or during certain seasons such as allergy or cold and flu seasons. Other homeopathic formulas to consider which may be helpful with correcting the underlying cause of swollen tonsils may be:

- An allergy/hayfever formula -- especially during such seasons

- A cold and flu formula -- especially during such seasons

- A sore throat/laryngitis formula -- during such seasons

Various detox and drainage formulas, especially a lymph formula, are found to be helpful with chronic swollen tonsils. These products detoxify the body by activating the body's own detoxification or drainage functions. I have found the homeopathic detox and drainage procedure to be an effective piece of the puzzle for correcting the underlying cause of dis- ease.

Homeopathy added to your chiropractic management program will effectively broaden your scope of practice. However, when dealing with the treatment of swollen tonsils, as well as many other conditions, your patients' lifestyle management is essential to your successful management of their health. What follows are some helpful hints which you may want to hand out to your patients.


While you most likely know that the tonsils are two small lymph glands located at the back of the throat, you may not know that as a part of the immune system, they are designed to protect us from infection and dis-ease. Because of their location, the tonsils are the first line of defense against bacterial invasions.

In a child's developing immune system, frequent upper respiratory infections occur which can inflame and enlarge the tonsils, allowing tonsillitis to develop. Swollen tonsils may seem to be a never-ending occurrence during the ages of three and seven, but the tonsils are a defense mechanism designed to trap incoming germs, preventing further spread to areas such as the lungs. By trapping the incoming germs, the tonsils act as a catalyst to help strengthen your child's immune system and develop antibodies to help your child fight against future infections.

In dealing with swollen tonsils as well as many other of your child's dis-eases, there are steps you can take to help instigate proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your child. What follows is a list of lifestyle management procedures intended for you to use to help strengthen your child's natural healing ability and maximize their intended good health.

1. Offer plenty of fluids. Drinking plenty of fluids helps keep the throat moist. Breast milk if you're still nursing. A little freshly squeezed lemon in boiled, then cooled, water is also a good choice.
2. Watch the sugar! Sugar, even if derived from natural sources like fruit juice and honey can impair immune function. The best sources for hydration besides good, clean, pure water would be diluted vegetable juices and clear broths.
3. Humidifiers and vaporizers can moisten and soothe an inflamed throat. If your home or the child's room has a tendency to be dry, it is especially important to keep those areas moist.
4. Soak a cloth in 10 grams of ascorbic acid dissolved in one pint of cool water. Lay cloth across the throat for 15-20 minutes -- it will relieve and soothe pain and swelling.
5. Pay attention to your environment Although most sore throats will occur because of viruses, some may be due to pollution. Cigarette smoke can irritate the throat, as well as indoor pollution such as soot from a blocked chimney. Keeping your home clean is so important -- especially the bedrooms.
6. Don't have Fever Phobia! Understand that fever is a natural, necessary part of healing. Taking aspirin suppresses the body's expression in fighting off infection.
7. Provide a calm environment for your child. Allow your child to rest and remain peaceful during times of dis-ease -- this will help his or her body to restore itself and heal.
8. Do not consider a tonsillectomy as a cure for swollen tonsils. Remember that as a part of the immune system, the tonsils are doing their job -- fighting off infection.
9. Remember that swollen tonsils as well as other childhood illnesses will pass. By keeping this in perspective and maintaining a positive attitude, you can help your child and yourself remain calm during times of dis-ease.

The Chiropractic Journal.


By Frank King

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