Prescription drugs interfer with orgasm

Many over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals, including antihistamines for cols and blood pressure medication, will put a damper on your erotic potential. The worst medication for good sex is Prozac, which inhibits the uptake of serotonin--that feel-good neurotransmitter that washes over us when we orgasm.

Many women who cannot come to orgasm have been sexually abused or raped, and the healing process for them is much slower. A trusting partner who does not demand anything of you but is simply there to hold and caress you is essential if you are to enjoy being touched again.

Men who have trouble ejaculating may be angry at their partner or may actually find the act of intercourse disgusting or repellent. There are also neurological factors that may inhibit male ejaculation. But generally, if a man has an erection, this indicates that he is aroused enough to have an orgasm, so usually a lot of direct stimulation by his partner--m
anual or oral or both--will bring him to climax.

Nature's Prozac, Judith Sachs

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