Women and Alzheimer's Disease


When people ask me why Alzheimer's disease is more prevalent in women, I tell them that body fat is one of the reasons. Women have a greater fat-to-muscle ratio with a subsequent increase in pro-inflammatory markers and oxidative stress that result in cell damage.

Obesity-->Inflammation --> Alzheimer's Disease

The cause of obesity is simple: Our input exceeds our output. In simple words, we eat more than we exercise. However, why are some people able to control their eating while others are self-abusive: Why is it that we can control our diet at certain times, yet at other times we are completely out of control? Does our lack of dietary control correlate with times of high stress and sleeplessness? You betcha! Obesity is the result of an imbalance in your hormones. With again, there's a decrease in the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin (associated with both stress and sleeplessness), which is linked to an increase in appetite and addictions.

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