Cause of Alzheimer's: Meat linked to Disease


Bubonic Plague, Black Death, AIDS, and Alzheimer's?

1 in 10 people older than 65 and nearly half of those older than 85 have Alzheimer's disease (AD). Today we simply accept the idea that old people lose their minds as a matter of course. But this is a new phenomenon: up until a hundred years ago, old age was associated with wisdom, not memory loss, and dementia was known, if at all, as a side effect of syphilis. Alzheimer's seems to have appeared out of nowhere in the early years of the twentieth century and now at least 15 million people worldwide are its victims. It's a horrible disease because it robs people of their identify before it robes them of life. It is incurable and fatal.

...Alzheimer's is, indeed, a deadly modern plague. The authors present startling evidence that Alzheimer's is one of a family of diseases caused by malformed protein or prion, that also causes mad cow disease and its human variant, Cruetzfeld-Jakob disease (CJD)

Dying for a Hamburger: Modern Meat Processing and the Epidemic of Alzheimer's Disease, Dr Murray Waldman & Majorie Lamb

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