Mercury dental fillings and Alzheimer's disease


Mercury poisoning and neurodegenerative diseases

The connection between exposure to mercury in its various forms and degenerative diseases of the nervous system is fairly strong. Many of the symptoms of chronic low-level mercury exposure closely resemble the neurobehavioral symptoms seen in many neurodegenerative diseases [Alzheimer's Disease]. For example, the asthetic-vetative syndrome(micromercurilism) caused y exposure to low levels of mercury [most in the form of mercury dental fillings/amalgams], is characterized by decreased productivity, loss of memory, loss of self-confidence, depression, fatigue, and irritability, many of which symptoms are also present in the dementias. Also, the studies done on dentists exposed to mercury vapor demonstrated impaired memory recall. It is also interesting to note that one complications listed in the 1972 edition of Sajous's "Analytic Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine" under mercury poisoning is paralysis agitans, also known s Parkinson's disease.

...Autopsy studies of Alzheimer's patients have consistently demonstrated elevated mercury levels in the affected areas of the brain. Likewise, there is a direct correlation between brain levels of mercury and the number of amalgam fillings.

Health and Nutrition Secrets (that can save your life), Dr Russell L. Blaylock, MD

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