Doctors not familiar with diagnosing metal toxicities, Cadmium

Doctors not familiar with diagnosing metal toxicities

Because so many physicians are totally unfamiliar with heavy metal toxicities, they never even consider them as a possibility when diagnosing sickness. Worse, still,, doctors, sometimes classify difficult-to-diagnose patients as "crocks" or "depressed" and hand them off to someone else to deal with. Also, many doctors maintain very stringent definitions of toxicity, and often use criteria that are either outdated or based on poor medical evidence. Because they do not recognize sub clinical toxicity, their patients continue to suffer. More evidence based medicine.


--increases prostate cancer
--causes hypertension
--decreases testosterone production
--blocks calcium receptors
--decreases acetylcholine receptors
--increases dopamine
--impairs myelin formation
--increases free-radical production
--decreases reduced glutathione
--decreases superoxide dismutase

The primary source of exposure for most individuals who do not work in a cadmium-based industry is from food sources. The average daily uptake has risen to approximately 10-30 ug [microgram]. Many leafy plants absorb cadmium from the soil, especially when sludge-type fertilizers are used. Organ meats, such as kidney and shellfish also contain significant amounts of cadmium.

Health and Nutrition Secrets (that can save your life), Dr Russell L. Blaylock, MD

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