Company Overview

Sunrider’s mission is to improve the lifestyle and well-being of people around the world. Established in 1982 by Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, Sunrider is a family-owned company that helps people in over 42 countries own a franchise-like business for a low investment. We provide full operational support, training, and service to our thousands of entrepreneurs. We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in our operations and state-of-the-art manufacturing. Our investment and expertise offer a business opportunity and products of unparalleled value.


The Sunrider philosophy does not concentrate on particular ailments, treatments or cures. Cures and treatments belong to the medical profession. The Sunrider philosophy is more concerned with fortifying the body against the constant barrage of negative outside influences.

When the body is strong, it will generally repel illness and disease or cure itself as it is meant to. The body gives in to disease when it is lacking the proper nutrition. Poor nutrition for an extended period of time causes a degenerative cycle within the body. When one part of the body lacks nutrients, it will take the nutrients from other parts of the body; that creates new weaknesses that will eventually cause the body to degenerate. When the body begins to degenerate, most people from our western culture will make an effort to substitute something else for what the body needs – nutrition. The West has generally learned to sacrifice good health for an immediate solution to a problem. This culture must learn that good health can only be attained and retained when the body is supplied the nutrients it needs to perform its intended functions. As people gain an understanding of the unique nutritional nature of the Sunrider products, they can take the necessary steps to provide their bodies with the nutrition and fortification that is needed to remain healthy.

The Sunrider Corporation was founded in December, 1982 by Dr. Tei Fu Chen. Dr. Chen has a background as a Taiwanese Medical Officer, pharmacist and a research bio-chemist. His wife, Dr. Oi Lin Chen is a licensed Medical Doctor. Dr. Chen’s Sunrider philosophy is REGENERATION. In order to understand what regeneration is, there are three important principles to remember.

Principle #1: The body heals itself with proper nutrition.
Principle #2: The body is designed to obtain its nutrition from whole foods.
Principle #3: Each person must be willing to accept responsibility for his or her own health.

All Sunrider formulas come from ancient manuscripts recorded by temple priests and court doctors of China. Dr. Chen’s great grandfather obtained the manuscripts during the Boxer Rebellion, and they remain in the family to this day. The manuscripts cover 5,000 years of experience with the use of plants and herbs, and the different ways in which they affect the body. Our Sunrider formulas have been used and eaten by people for 280 to 1500 years. Using the manuscripts, Dr. Chen has applied modern technology to make these formulas available today in an easy-to-use form.

Commonly Asked Questions
What is Sunrider?
Herb food concentrates that help nourish, balance and cleanse the body.

Is Sunrider a vitamin supplement?
No, vitamins and minerals are parts of whole foods which, when removed, become isolated chemicals (i.e. isolates).

Will Sunrider interfere with any medicine I am taking?
No. Sunrider products are simply herb foods and have not been known to interfere with any medications prescribed by your doctor.

Why not just eat fruits and vegetables?
Our stomachs are not large enough to hold the amounts of fruits and vegetables we would need to eat each day to get our daily nutrient requirement. Due to our depleted soils, the nutrient content of our produce today is not what it once was.

What makes Sunrider different from other herb companies?
Concentration and quality! Many pounds of raw herbs are cleaned, ground, powdered, formulated, extracted, condensed and flow-dried to produce one pound of finished product. Other companies merely grind the entire herb and encapsulate it—Sunrider concentrates only the “nutritive” part of the herb.

How soon will I begin to feel the benefits of eating Sunrider foods?
That depends on your body. The regeneration process begins as soon as you start eating foods and is an on-going process. The moment the body receives the nutrition it has needed, it will put it to use, but you cannot select how the body will use it- the most serious challenges will be taken care of first. Just eat the foods and let your body do the work!


Healthy citizens are the greatest assets any country can have. – Winston Churchill

There is no doubt that malnutrition is the most important problem confronting mankind at the present time. – Dr. Melchior Dikkers, Professor of Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry at Loyola University

Americans are malnourished. Even when we succeed at eating a balanced diet, our systems still suffer from the actual lack of nutrients in foods. For example, raw carrots differ widely in beta carotene content, often showing variances from 18,000 IU to 70 IU per 3 ½ ounce sample. Produce and natural foods such as whole grains, on the other hand, are robbed of fertilizers. Wheat from the U.S. has been rejected at China’s ports because the protein content was so low. U.S. Agriculture Department figures show that today’s wheat often contains only 20% of the protein it used to have. – Dr. Michael Colgan, author of “Your Personal Vitamin Profile” and founder of the Colgan Institute of Nutritional Science based in La Jolla, CA

The Congress of the United States is also aware of this problem of our depleted soil. The following excerpts on mineral deficient soils, plants and foods, are part of Senate Document #264 as adopted and ordered reprinted by the second session of the 74th Congress of the United States of America:

The impoverished soil of America no longer provides plant foods with the mineral elements essential to human nourishment and health.
Laboratory tests prove that the fruits, the vegetables, the grains, the eggs, and even the milk and meats of today are not what they were a few generations ago.
No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the minerals he requires for perfect health because his stomach is not big enough to hold them.
Physical, mental, and moral fitness depend largely upon an ample supply and a proper proportion of the minerals in our foods.

Artificial manures inevitably lead to artificial nutrition, artificial food, artificial animals, and finally, to artificial men and women. – “An Agricultural Testament”, Sir Albert Howard

Our country is afflicted with earth disease … as the matter now stands, and with continuance of the manner in which soil is now being squandered, this country of ours has less than one hundred years of virile national existence. If that represents a reasonably accurate statement, it is vastly more significant that we have probably twenty years in which to build up the technique (soil building) … and most difficult of all, to change the attitude of millions of people who hold that ownership of land carries with it the right to mistreat and even destroy, their land, regardless of the effect on the total national state. – Morris L. Cook, Engineer of the U.S. National Research Board – Sworn testimony before a Senate committee in 1936

One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the precedence of chemical therapy over nutrition. It’s a substitution of artificial therapy over natural, of poisons over food, in which we are feeding people poisons (drugs), trying to correct the reactions of starvation. – Dr. Royal Lee

There is a nutritional basis for modern physical, mental, and moral degeneration. – “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,” Dr. Weston A. Price, 1945

Depleted soils produce deficient foods and deficient foods being us ill health … Two food items may look alike, but one may have everything such a food should have because it was grown on healthy soil while the other while the other is worth no more than a glass of water if grown on sick soil. – Dr. William A. Albrecht

Nowhere in the world is food treated so badly before it is eaten as in the United States. Here it is raised by the use of artificial chemicals. In an all-out effort aimed at quantity, rather than quality, we do everything possible to destroy the original character that the Creator provided and intended for the yield of the earth. Moreover, by the time most of our food reaches the consumer, it is too highly processed, refined, and improperly preserved. – Dr. L. M. Morrison

Since large-scale spraying of pesticides began, the amount of poison being sprayed on your food every year is ten times what it used to be and rising every year. Yet with all this expense and ingenuity, crop damage from insects is now double what it was before pesticides were ever invented. – “The End,” Larry Ephron, PHD

A recent USDA study found that the majority of Americans – supposedly the best fed people in the world – are getting less than 70% of the recommended daily allowances of calcium, iron, and magnesium. And if a deficiency in any one nutrient is a sign of inadequate nutrition, more than 80% of Americans are suffering from malnutrition. – “The End,” Larry Ephron, PHD

Depleted soils and increasingly empty food may be partly responsible for the increases in all the major degenerative diseases in our time: arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, heart disease and cancer. In a recent review of the literature relating to cancer, the National Academy of Sciences found that deficiencies of one form or another of various trace minerals – iron, copper, selenium, iodine, and so on (not to mention deficiencies in several) – are directly associated in laboratory studies with an increased likelihood of cancer. – “The End,” Larry Ephron, PHD

There is another pathway from depleted soils and food to degenerative illnesses of all kinds. Increasingly empty food may be one reason why Americans and other people in the overdeveloped countries eat too much: trying to get enough real nutrients. This along may be partly responsible for our common tendency to be overweight. And unfortunately, many of the foods people turn to in their cravings are very unhealthy. – “The End,” Larry Ephron, PHD

We rely on regular diet for enjoyment and satisfaction. We take pleasure in the appearance, smell, and taste of our daily meals. But regular foods do not provide enough nutrients to maintain a continuous state of health. They must be supplemented with stronger foods, or herbal foods. The food we buy in the supermarket is the weakest food available. The selection there is very limited if one considers the variety of food actually available in the world. God created leaves, branches, trunks, and roots for our consumption, but they were completely overlooked by most people. Called “forgotten foods” by Taoists, herbs were forgotten because they were eliminated from our ancestor’s diets through a process of selection which, over the course of thousands of years, rejected foods that were unappealing to the eyes, nose, or mouth. When man learned to cultivate his own food, he naturally chose to cultivate only those foods that appealed to his senses. As the saying goes, “we are what we eat.” If we eat better foods, our health improves. But if we eat weak foods, we become more vulnerable to diseases. A carrot grows only in temperate climates and the life span is about three months. If you do not unearth it within three months, it will decay and disappear. Herbs give everlasting strength, whereas regular foods give only temporary strength. The foods we commonly eat and love are also eaten and loved by the germs in our bodies. They utilize this food to maintain their lives just as we do. Fortunately, herbs do not nourish germs and humans beings equally. Human beings, exercising their will power, are able to ingest sometimes distasteful herbs. Germs, not being blessed with will power, are simply repelled by herbs. When human blood is permeated with herbal nutrients, the germs in the body will starve to death, and the human body will be naturally cleansed and purified. The cleansing and purifying qualities that allow herbs to last for years without rotting are the greatest benefits to be gained from herbal diets. - “The Complete System of Healing,” Dr. Stephen Chang, Internationally known scholar trained in both Chinese and Western medicine. In addition to a medical degree, he has doctoral degrees in law, philosophy, and theology.

A hundred years ago, coronary heart disease was virtually unknown in Europe and America. The first case described in medical literature surfaced in 1910. Today it is the leading cause of death. Cancer, which today is responsible for 3.4 percent of all deaths in Europe and America, was responsible for only 1 percent a hundred years ago. Today, even newborn, and very young children are victims of cancer and leukemia. Diabetes, the third most common cause of death, once struck only one in fifty thousand Americans; now it strikes one in twenty. – “Secrets of the Soil,” Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird

The agricultural practices of the Orient have passed the supreme test – they are almost as permanent as those of the primeval forest, of the prairie, or of the ocean. The small holdings of China, for example, are still maintaining a steady output after 40 centuries of management. – Sir Albert Howard

I had sinned against the wisdom of the Creator, and received my righteous punishment. I wished to improve his work, and in my blindness believed that, in the marvelous chain of laws binding life on earth’s surface and keeping it always new, a link had been forgotten which I, weak and powerless worm, must supply. – Justus Von Leibig (late in life), considered the father of chemical agriculture. The quote was printed in the 1899 edition of Encyclopedia Britannica but was removed from subsequent editions.

The staple foods may not contain the same nutritive substances as in former times. Chemical fertilizers, by increasing the abundance of the crops without replacing all the exhausted elements of the soil, have indirectly contributed to change the nutritive value of cereal gains and vegetables. – Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Alexis Carrel


The Philosophy of Regeneration states that if you nourish the body with the right combination of whole, concentrated herbal foods the body will regenerate itself.

When the body is balanced, it works better and you feel better! The information provided here is to help people who are new to the concept of regeneration through proper nutrition.

Why Regeneration?

Why is it important for the body to regenerate itself? Regeneration is the way the body rebuilds and replaces cells, be they bone, brain or muscle. A physician of China's Tang Dynasty, Sun Ssumo, maintained that the diet was of paramount importance to maintain health. He believed that a truly good physician first finds out the cause of the illness and then tries to cure it by the use of foods. Only when food failed did he prescribe medication.

Treating illness and disease is left to trained medical doctors, but the preservation of health is everyone's opportunity and responsibility.

You must remember that most people have spent years employing poor eating and nutritional habits. This is not necessarily due to neglect of their bodies, but because they did not realize the detrimental effects of what they had been putting into their bodies. This is due to the over processing of many, if not most, of the foods found in today's marketplace. This does not only include "junk type fast foods", but just as often the foods that people think are "wholesome". Many of these contain toxins in the form of preservatives, artificial flavorings and enhancers.

You also have many toxins in your body from the air you breathe, the water you drink and the many pollutants absorbed through your skin. This does not even count those toxins that you self-induce through the use of alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, chocolate, salt, pepper and drugs (both prescription and non-prescription).

Your body is an incredible machine that has the ability to both cure itself of disease and ills as well as improve itself to the highest level of perfection possible - if only you would nourish it properly and then leave it alone to do its own work!

Introducing Your Body to Proper Nutrition

When you begin to introduce your body to better nutrition -- such as in the form of superior whole food concentrates grown on the richest soil in the word -- you begin to provide your body with the highest quality of food and nutrients available. These nutrients are of such high quality that they are in synergistic (working together) harmony with the body. In turn, the body can now easily assimilate these nutrients into your system with less effort. More of the nutrients can now be used to begin building your body to the perfect state of health originally intended. It is during this new experience of superior nutrients, or "building materials", that the body begins major reconstruction, or regeneration. The body will always strive to build the best body possible using the best "high grade" materials available. But, like the reconstruction of a house, there must first be many areas torn down and cleaned out before the real "building" can begin. This is the reason one of the major parts of a total nutrition program includes a cleansing beverage. Sunrider supplies two such cleansing beverages - Calli and Fortune Delight. These are different from other cleansing herbs in that they are not medicinal, therefore they do not force the body to cleanse.

The toxins that will be cleansed out of your system and flushed will be much greater in the early stages of your program. You should, however, remember that no matter how well you eat, etc., you will always be exposed to toxins from some form of processed food and beverage, as well as absorption of toxins through the skin. Your best response to this is to remain on a maintenance system of cleansing the body continuously with Calli and Fortune Delight.

Sunrider foods are formulated to aid your body's constant quest to regenerate itself.

Sunrider accomplishes this by highly concentrating herbs and then combining specific herbs according to ancient Chinese formulas to Nourish, Balance and Cleanse your body. The combinations of the herbs enhance their effect in your body and make them easy to assimilate. In every pound of product you eat, Sunrider has concentrated from 4 to 10 pounds of herbs, fruits and nuts, greatly enhancing the nutrition. When herbs are concentrated, the entire essence of the herb is used. The Chinese believe that everything in a plant helps the body digest and extract the essential nutrients.

Depending on the formula, these herbs assist your body (they do not cure) in staying nourished, balanced and cleansed. You find herbal foods that are not common in the standard American diet listed in the Sunrider formulas. These are herbal foods whose synergistic nutrition is used by your body very effectively regenerate and rebuild itself. The body regenerates because all life works to live and stay in balance.

Dr. Deepak Chopra is a well respected endocrinologist (study of the endocrine glands and the internal secretions of the body) who has brought together current research done by Western science, neuroscience and physics with the insights of Eastern health theories. Dr Chopra, in his book Quantum Healing, states that the human body is controlled by a network of intelligence and is itself the greatest healer known.

Today's "miracle drugs" come from medical science's efforts to replicate the body's own functions. Western medicine took the route of substituting synthetic chemicals for those made by the body, whereas the Chinese pursued the path of bolstering the body's own chemical-producing factories, such as glands, to effect change.

How Does Regeneration Work?

The process is not complex. Simply put, Sunrider foods help in the regeneration process by sending balanced nutrition to the body's cells and by cleaning out toxins.

What Effect Does Regeneration Have On You?

The body uses its vast internal intelligence system to sift through all the food you eat, looking for the best nutritional building blocks available. Familiar foods like coffee, soft drinks and french fries deplete your body's energy and nutrition resources. When these foods are replaced with high quality foods that actively nourish, balance and cleanse the body, regeneration takes place naturally. Why? Because your body is not using its energy to hold the line against the negative effects of unhealthy foods. By adding Sunrider foods to an already healthy diet, your body will quickly begin working more efficiency and at a higher energy level.

How to Eat The Foods
*This instructional information is only to be applied after speaking with Laura, a Sun Rider distributor

Phase One

Nuplus / Vitashake: 2-3 or more per day - Nourishes the body at the cellular level. Add a packet of NuPlus to about 8- 10 ounces of liquid. You can use water (makes a bland tasting drink), Fortune Delight (a Sunrider beverage), fresh juice, rice milk, or almond milk (with no additives or isolated vitamins), or even fresh fruit in a blender. Best option: Vita fruit (Sunrider juice concentrate) mixed with water.

Quinary: 2 or more per day - Nourishes the five systems of the body; circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, and immune. This product comes in 3 forms. We always start people with the powdered form. Add your Quinary packet into your NuPlus drink. Later you may want to experiment with the liquid form called Liqui 5 that has a stronger taste, and is very powerful. The third form is the capsules; we rarely recommend them because you need to swallow ten each meal to equal a packet of powder.

These two products should he considered your main meal(nutrition) eaten 2-3 times a day minimum. Eat this meal and wait 20 minutes to see if you are still hungry before eating more. Fresh, live, foods are preferable.

Calli: 1-2 bags per day - Helps the body cleanse and detoxify. Use one tea bag per person; do not reuse the bag a second time. At first you will start with only 1 tea bag a day. After the body has become more detoxified you can drink as many as you desire. Never less than 1 tea bag a day for balance. Put tea bag at the bottom of container with small amount room temperature water to buffer bag. Pour hot water into container. Let it steep 5 to 10 minutes, no longer. Also, in the beginning make your tea in a very big cup! Use at least 3 cups of water and drink the entire amount throughout the morning. Later you may want to enjoy Calli in the afternoon. Never put Calli in the microwave or use metal or Styrofoam containers.
Mint Calli... especially nourishing to the lungs and respiratory system
Cinnamon Calli... adds extra support to the digestive system
Regular Calli... is designed to help with mental awareness.

Sunny dew or Sunectar: These products are designed to help support the blood sugar regulatory system of the body. Sunny dew has a lighter fruitier taste; Sunectar has a hardier almost licorice taste. Use at least 8 to 10 drops of either per meal in your NuPlus or Calli. We like it in both. The "more the better" is our rule.

Fortune Delight: 2 -3 packets per day - Hydrates the body and helps flush fats and toxins out of the body. Drink 3 packets of Fortune a day. Each dissolved in a quart of water. It is difficult to get Fortune to dissolve if the water is already cold. It blends easily with warmer water. You may drink it cold or warm. You may mix it with your Calli, but be sure you are still drinking the entire gallon of water with the Fortune and Calli each day. Fortune is also a great place to increase your consumption of Sunny dew.

* Keep in contact with your sponsor on a regular schedule in the beginning

Phase Two

This phase is started after the second week of our program and added to the Phase One foods. This phase is going to help you clean out the digestive tack and colon of residual intestinal plaque that degenerates our health. These 2 phases together comprise the Basic Foundation for the Holistic Nutrition Regeneration Program.

VitaDophilus: Eat 2 packets a day for one month. Restores the proper flora in the colon for protection against contaminants. You will want to obtain 6 boxes on your 2nd order. You can eat it right out of the packet or with your NuPlus. Because it is in a fruit base, you need to eat it 20 minutes before you ingest other foods. After the first initial packets, eat a minimum of a 10 pack box per month.

Vitalite SunBar: ½ - 1 bar per day - Cleans the digestive tract / colon of plaque, toxins, mucus, fats and other wastes. Start with a half of a bar per day with at least 8 oz of fortune or Calli. If you know that you have had problems in this area, you must let your sponsor know immediately. This is very important. A lot of people just ignore this advice and eat the whole bar because it tastes so good ... then plug up because their body is unused to handling real fiber. Remember fiber is a broom and a vacuum for the body and that small bar will be getting bigger and bigger as it travels through the digestive track. Only when you see the difference in the toilet do you want to increase the amount of fiber bar. For some it may take a few days, for others it may take a few weeks or more. Only then, increase slowly (making sure there is no slowing of the system) up to a minimum of one bar per day. Many people eat more. Schedule your fiber at a regular time each day, as the body loves rhythm.

Fibertone: 6 capsule a day. Tones the bowel by nourishing the peristaltic muscle action so food is moved through in the proper time frame to avoid putrefaction and fermentation.

Special Points:

It is absolutely crucial for you to drink the 3 quarts of purified water with your Fortune each day, with one quart of Calli. Fortune makes drinking the three quarts much easier than you would expect. Do not neglect this aspect. You will be 'waking up' the cleansing system during this first month and you want to have the help of plenty of fluid to flush and clean. It cannot be just any liquid; it needs to be Calli and Fortune Delight (which acts as water in the body). You may want to have only water after 6:00 when you are new to Sunrider foods as the teas are a “Yang” food which is energizing.

While we don't include a lot of rules about what not to eat.... For best results, use common sense. Stay away from the junk foods. Meat and dairy are hard on your system. Look at the Organic fruits, vegetables, grains & beans. As close to nature as possible, fresh and raw are the best. After you are eating the SR foods in the recommended Regeneration Program above, you will be amazed at the ease in which you will be able to make changes.

By Keith McBride

Picture this: Tei Fu and Oi Lin Chen invite every Sunrider distributor to their home for a Sunrider juice party. Once there, all half a million of us gather around a high-speed juicer as Dr. Chen personally juices the several hundred different varieties of fruits, vegetables, grasses, flowers, roots and herbs all found in Sunrider herb food concentrate formulas. He offers each of us a glass of fresh juice.

Sound implausible? Well it is, sort of. By combining ancient techniques of extraction and concentration with modern technology, this is what Dr. Chen has done with every Sunrider formula. To some people they may appear to be ordinary capsules and beverage powders, but look closer. Inside each Sunrider package and capsule are the components of fresh juice, teeming with enzymatic vitality and super nutrition.

Why Juices?
We all know that fresh fruits and vegetables are an important part of our daily diets. And we seem to know the value of drinking juices. We buy lots of it: Juice is big business. But isn’t eating fresh, whole fruits and vegetables enough? Do we need to juice them?

Fruits and vegetables, and all plant life, have two components: The fibers and the juice. The fibers have no nutritional value and act as a carrier for the juice which holds the nutrient complexes. Once a plant is eaten, the body casts off the fiber as waste, and depending on how effectively the body is working, and then uses the nutrients from the juice of the plant to create health and well-being.

The digestive process of separating the nutrition from the fiber involves labor and time. Most fruit is digested rather quickly, but vegetables can take up to hours. Our stressed bodies only have so much energy to go around, and digesting these foods uses up energy.

Since our energy comes from the foods we eat, a portion of the energy from the foods eaten has to be diverted from nourishing us to be used instead as fuel to generate energy. Fresh juice supplies valuable nutrition that is not wasted to fuel its own digestion as it is with whole fruits, vegetables and grasses.

When fruits and vegetables are juiced and we drink the juice while it is still fresh, the body doesn’t have to go through the arduous process of separating the fibers from the juices. Juices are easily assimilated with very little effort on the digestive system. This is especially important if our inner energy is at low ebb. Combined with a diet of whole fruits, vegetables and grains, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables can offer our bodies a full compliment of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates and chlorophyll.

Kick the Can

What about the juices we buy at the store? Canned, bottled and frozen juices are only as good as the fruits and vegetables used in them. The Juicing Book reports that many juice manufacturers import cheap fruit to the United States, which may carry traces of pesticides banned in the U.S. but not abroad. “Florida Squeezed” on the label may mean the fruit is actually from another country and then “squeezed” in Florida.

What’s more, a majority of the juices we buy in the store are made from fruit concentrates and not whole fruit juices. The quality of these juices is limited by the industrial water and other liquids with which they are reconstituted at the factory. In addition, juices often contain artificial colors and flavors, sugar, corn syrup, salt and chemical preservatives. The Juicing Book warns, “It is ironic that many consumers don’t realize many packaged juices are as nutritionally vapid as the soft drinks they would replace."

Let’s say we decide to begin making fresh juices of our own. No matter how thorough we are, our own fresh juices can have limitations. This is just one reason why Sunrider Herb Food Concentrates are a perfect addition to your daily diet of whole foods and juices.


What are some of the limitations our own juice can have? Let’s consider the produce we use to make the juice. Most fruits, vegetables and greens are at their peak nutritional value when they are ripe. But did you know that more than 60 percent of the produce commercially grown in the U.S. is picked several days before it is ripe? The produce is then shipped all over the country and often arrives at its destination – eventually into our shopping carts – days or even weeks old, and yet still not naturally ripe. Modern food science offers us the benefits of fungicides, coolants and chemicals to enhance the appearance and retard spoilage of this produce, but is this really healthy?

Fresh juice is a terrific addition to any diet. But with Sunrider Concentrated Herb Food formulas, the organic purity and quality of fruits and vegetables used are unmatched in the industry. Sunrider maintains full control of quality and purity of each herb used, from the planting, cultivation and harvesting stages through every step of processing to the final testing and encapsulation. No additives, chemicals or preservatives are used at any stage of the production of Sunrider products.

The Science of Juicing

What’s next? Do you know which parts of the plants to juice? Which plants are better blanched or steamed first to receive full nutritional benefit from its juice? Did you pick all the plants at just the right time? Did you know that some plants are at their peak nutritionally when picked before sunrise? This is a lot to remember!

All fruits and vegetables used in “Sunrider concentrated juices” have been harvested at the exact moment of optimum nutrition and prepared according to the precise requirements of each plant.

Time is of the Essence

Once juiced, better drink it quick, because once released from its fibers, juice ferments, spoils and loses valuable nutrients quickly, even when refrigerated.

I juice carrots and a few green vegetables every day. And one thing I am always aware of is how much time it takes to clean the produce, juice it and then clean the juicer. How many of us have the time to do this several times a day?

Sunrider “juice to go” is the optimum in convenient and efficient nutrition, for people “on the go.” Sunrider has done all the work for us!


Most importantly, we eat whole foods and drink fresh juice to hopefully provide our bodies with a full spectrum of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, essential oils, proteins and carbohydrates we require on a daily basis. Do we have enough different kinds of plants to provide this full nutritional spectrum? (It may require several hundred daily.) If we are serious about getting a full compliment of nutrition from our foods and juices every day, we are severely limited by the selection of fruits and vegetables available to us.

The ancient Chinese, who pioneered and perfected the science of juicing and extracting, routinely used hundreds of plants. We choose from maybe 20, and that’s pushing it.

Fresh juice can be an excellent source of nutrients. Sunrider uses several hundred plants in their formulas for a broad and balanced spectrum of nutrient complexes. All formulas are perfectly balanced within themselves, and with all other Sunrider formulas. They mix well with all other foods in our diets.

Juice to Go

Today, Sunrider International is the largest “juice company” in the world. Sunrider extracts and concentrates the fresh, nutrient-packed juice from hundreds of varieties of fruits, vegetables, grasses, flowers, roots and herbs. Because a juice is not concentrated in its liquid form and spoils quickly, Sunrider takes its juice one step further and dissipates the water, thus leaving the fresh juices in a state of enzymatic life and nutrition, without spoilage or having to use preservatives.

The book Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices explains that juices are not a concentrated food. As a matter of fact, they are among the least concentrated of the liquids we drink. As the book explains, a juice becomes concentrated only when “its water content has been dissipated.” Because the water content has been dissipated, this is why Sunrider juices are called herb food concentrates.

How do all these different plants become Sunrider juice? And by what process do they go on to become the highly advanced Sunrider powders and capsules we eat every day?


The superior quality of Sunrider food formulas begin with the exceptional purity of the raw materials. Sunrider begins with careful selection of the species of the plants and location of its cultivation. Growth is carefully monitored, weak plants are weeded out and the strongest herbs are harvested at the peak of their vitality.

Attention to detail at Sunrider is unmatched by any other company. Some herbs are only at their nutritional peak during the night, and that’s when they are harvested by Sunrider. Once harvested, the herbs are carefully scrutinized, washed and dried.


Sunrider has set the standard for purity and quality of food processing. One example of many is the expansive state-of-art technology used by Sunrider International.

Many people who make fresh juice at home use electric juice extractors like centrifugal or masticating juicers. These machines extract fluid from the fibers of fruits and vegetables by separating the liquid from the pulp at a high speed and discarding the fibers. Some machines mash the produce and then squeeze the juice through a stainless steel screen. Others employ the use of a hydraulic press.

Sunrider has taken these often crude methods for food processing and evolved them into a highly advanced and efficient system of extraction and concentration. Sunrider uses sophisticated machinery custom designed and built in Europe to Sunrider’s exacting specifications.

How efficient are these machines? For typical juice at home, one uses a few pounds of produce to create a glass of juice. Because Sunrider’s processes of concentration are so efficient, six to seven pounds of herb “raw material” are concentrated into one pound of finished product.


Each herb is handled according to specific techniques passed down through generations, and perfected with modern science by Dr. Chen. Some herbs must be slightly cooked, some powdered, and it is crucial to understand which part of each plant is to be used.


Plants and herbs are formulated according to Chen’s own research and knowledge as well as information contained in old and new volumes. Special attention is given to make sure that each formula agrees with the five elements of the Quinary and has the correct balance between Yin and Yang. The individual herbs are then integrated as balanced herb food formulas.


The herbs are liquified to separate the oil-soluble nutrients from the water-soluble nutrients. This allows for more efficient freeze or flow drying of the water-soluble nutrients and assists in the assimilation of nutrient in the body.


Continuous testing at frequent intervals ensures that controlled quantities of nutritional elements go into each batch of formula.


While the formulations are still liquids, the amount of water is reduced and the formulations are either freeze dried or flow dried depending on the requirements of the formula. This concentration guarantees improved efficiency and long term stability without spoilage or loss of nutritional value. What began as six to seven pounds of herbs has now been concentrated into one pound of nutritious herb food powder.


The powder is sprayed with the original oil-soluble nutrients that were previously removed in the process of extraction. This creates granulation of the powder, increasing the benefits of the formula before encapsulation, and allowing the herb foods to stay fresh without preservatives.


Which form should the finished formula take? Some formulas are encapsulated for convenience. Because the formulas consist of granules which dissolve instantly and completely, the capsules can be opened into water for a delightful beverage. For some formulas the concentrated granules themselves are packaged to be mixed directly into liquid, such as NuPlus and Fortune Delight beverage. The granules that form the Calli beverage formula are sprayed onto carrier leaves, and then put into tea bags. Still other formulas are packaged in liquid extract form, such as Suncare, Sunrise, and LiquiFive (which is basically the Quinary, but slightly different formulation).


No other company uses these exclusive methods with this attention to detail, quality and purity. In addition to the fresh fruits and vegetables you eat as a part of your daily diet (which provides all-important fiber) Sunrider herb foods can help provide an additional spectrum of nutritional elements from which our bodies can create glowing health and vitality.

How do I begin?
The basic program is called the SunPack. It contains the following:

NuPlus – A delicious whole food concentrate to nourish the body and improve energy. Mixed berry, Naturally Plain and Simply Herbs come in the SunPack.
Quinary – A blend of five system-specific formulas to help balance the major systems of the body. Quinary is available in powder, capsules or liquid.
Calli – A refreshing herbal beverage in a tea bag to assist the body’s cleansing processes. Calli Regular, Calli Mint and Calli Cinnamon come in the SunPack.
SunnyDew – A stevia based liquid to nourish and balance the pancreas, regulate blood sugar, lower blood pressure and prevent tooth decay.
Sunbreeze – A penetrating balm and oil to soothe aching joints and sore muscles while providing relief from tension. One Sunbreeze Oil and one Sunbreeze Balm come in the SunPack.


The Sunrider Philosophy is at the foundation of our success. We are not just a company manufacturing superior products. We stand upon the ground of a wise tradition. As we develop our marketing strategies, let’s not forget the roots of our success.

In Chinese herbology, there are three categories of herbs: medicinal, food grade and poisonous. Medicinal is what Sunrider® calls a substitution – something that you would take to do something for your body that it is unable to do for itself. An example of that would be a laxative, an antibiotic. These are substances that you would never take long term as they would cause damage if you did. Food grade herbs are abundant in Chinese herbology and they are considered the highest value. These are substances that are no more harmful than a carrot. In the west, we know that carrots are good for the eyes. The Chinese have studied food grade herbs for thousands of years and they have learned which “foods” are good for which particular function of the body. In ancient China, doctors were paid to keep people well by feeding them these specific food grade herbs, keeping track of the physical phases and change and determining the beneficial foods needed at each turn. If a person got sick, the doctor wasn’t paid until he got well. (Imagine if the west maintained this kind of health care system!)

All of Sunrider’s® herbs are food grade herbs. The formulas are designed for the challenges of our time. We are inundated with toxins at every turn, in the air, water and food. Our foods are deplete of nutrients and our stress levels are soaring (maybe not as much in Shrewsbury as in Los Angeles, but still modern life is not very relaxing). The Sunrider® products are designed to nourish the body with pure nutrients, rich in live enzymes and co-enzymes (known as vitamins), phyotonutrients, and antioxidants. The products also feed the cleansing systems of the body so that the body has the strength and capability to eliminate the toxins that it has stored. And the products serve to bring balance back to the body. The Chinese understand that all illness is a lack of balance.

The Chinese word for disease translates as hunger. They understood that if there is a disease, there is also a food to feed the body so that it can eliminate the disease and come back into balance. The Drs. Chen are people of high integrity. They are very concerned about safety and only make products that they use themselves in their family. Their concern is to produce products of safety to replace the many products that are insidiously unsafe and disease producing that we are used to using. Most manufacturers are only concerned with the bottom line, i.e., profit. The Chen’s are concerned with bringing people’s health back into balance. They are spiritual people who understand that when your concern is for the well-being of people, the wealth that you desire comes to you also.

Overdoing cannot occur with Sunrider® products. I remember once hearing Dr. Chen say that if you are not experiencing the desired benefit, just take more. Also, there is no cross reactivity with medicine. Some people have found, as with some diabetics that eventually, they can reduce or even eliminate their medication because the foods have served to build up the system. It’s like when a broken leg heals; one no longer needs to use a crutch.

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