Misconceptions about diabetes


It is unfortunate that so many diabetics, and some doctors, do not understand that diabetes entails a lot more than elevated blood sugar. In truth, it is an extremely complex disorder involving numerous metabolic pathways. This is why so many organs and tissues are involved in the disease: eyes, blood vessels, nervous system, kidneys, and heart. Interestingly, the disease exercises a profoundly negative effect on the vascular system.

We have known for a long time that diabetics have a much higher incidence of heart attacks and strokes than the rest of the population. This appears to be linked to an increased risk of LDL cholesterol oxidizing in their vessels, which means a greatly increased risk of atherosclerosis affecting virtually every blood vessel in the body, especially microscopic vessels. Alteration of these micro-vessels leads to diabetic retinopathy (blindness) and kidney damage.

Health and Nutrition Secrets (that can save your life), Dr Russell L. Blaylock, MD

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