Tracking Your Health Goals with Samsung Galaxy S8 plus


Smartphones can help you stay connected on the go. They give you access to email, social media, and text messaging to say nothing of all the apps to which they provide access. However, some smartphones do something else that is just as important — they let you track your fitness and the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus is one of the best:


The Galaxy S8 plus has a built-in pedometer that tracks your steps automatically. Just press the Menu button and click on Settings then select Lock Screen. The Pedometer is located under Additional Information. Just check the box, and you will be able to see how many steps you take each day on your lock screen.


Another intelligent feature you will see on the Galaxy S8 plus is Bixby, Samsung’s virtual personal assistant. Just speak. You can ask Bixby to send a message, open your camera or search for information. It also reminds you of regular activities, like watering your plants or prompting you that it is time to go to the gym.

Samsung Health

Samsung Health is another benefit to using your Galaxy S8 plus to support your fitness goals. The app lets you sync information about your calorie consumption, water intake and exercise. It also provides support for telemedicine with a feature Samsung calls Ask an Expert. The service is provided by Amwell and lets you get a consultation with a doctor on-demand, anytime day or night.

Samsung Gear Fit2

Samsung also offers a smartwatch called Gear Fit2. It provides all the essential notifications you’d expect from a smartwatch, like knowing when you receive emails, phone calls and texts, as well as internal storage optimized for music and water resistance. The Gear Fit2 also works with the Samsung Health app. It offers a built-in accelerometer and GPS as well as a barometer, gyro and heart rate monitor.

Connected Services

In addition to the information that the Galaxy S8 plus lets you enter and tracks automatically, it connects with different services too so your health information is synced across apps. The smartphone supports Runkeeper, Strava, Misfit and Microsoft Health so you can track your exercise as well as your sleep behaviors.

Wireless Bathroom Scales

You can also sync your Galaxy S8 plus with different devices, such as wireless bathroom scales. Just connect the device and hop on the scale like normal. It will keep track of your weight every single time you weigh yourself. In addition to monitoring your weight, it also tracks your BMI and charts your progress toward your fitness goals.

Motivation to Go

The Galaxy S8 plus supports the Samsung Gear IconX as well. These wireless earbuds let you track your activity, including the distance you travel, the duration of your workout and your speed — without carrying your phone while you walk, run or exercise. Plus, it has 4GB of internal memory built-in so you can take up to 1,000 songs with you while you work out and there are built-in guides to help you stay motivated along the way. The Samsung Gear IconX syncs the information from your workouts to your Galaxy S8 plus after you finish your session.

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