Establishing a Healthy Lifestyle from Childhood


It is important for everyone to be aware of their health and the best fitness and diet regimes, regardless of his or her age. One of the best ways to establish a healthy lifestyle is to start at a young age. In doing so, it is more likely that children will grow up to be health conscious as adults. The onus is on the parent or caregivers to teach kids about the importance of living a healthy life, at all ages. Therefore, the number of families in society paying close attention to their health and wellbeing should increase as the years go by. To start raising awareness, here are a number of factors that contribute to one’s health from food, exercise, mental health and technology.

Food & Exercise

A study shows that Canadian kids are consuming five times more sugar than they should. There are troubling health consequences to this such as an increased likelihood of high blood pressure, heart disease, and depression, among other problems. Unhealthy diets can result in childhood obesity, thereby acting as a detriment to one’s health. Thus, it is important for families to teach their kids about eating nutritious diets that will not increase health problems. As the adult raising the children, you must be conscious of your health habits. Setpoint Diet teaches adults how to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. This healthy outlook is not accomplished through starvation or short-term diet restrictions; rather it is a combination of exercise, food, sleep and stress management. Evidently, there are a variety of factors that contribute to overall health through dietary means.

Mental Health

To improve mental health, enroll kids in extracurricular activities and encourage them to pursue a hobby. Whether this involves signing them up for piano, hockey or ballet lessons, ensure kids have preoccupations to inspire and boost their creativity. The activity will follow kids into adulthood and could even lead to career choices later in life. You may notice that kids are happier when they have something to do that they enjoy and keeps them busy. Nobody enjoys being bored, especially children. Moreover, hobbies give kids a break which they may need from their education. While kids are busy, parents can also use this time to relax and focus on their own hobbies - a win-win situation for everyone in the family.

Technology versus the Outdoors

It is important to maintain a balance between playing outdoors and with technology. With the availability of cell phones, television, and computers, the new generations are becoming tech-savvy at a much younger age. Regardless, some parents are concerned about kid’s technology usage during school time. Increased screen time can affect grades and contribute to childhood obesity. To remedy this, families can set time aside for outdoor activities. It could include fishing, hiking or even having kids play a sport outdoors.

Developing a healthy lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a process that takes time and is best started at a young age. Although not impossible, breaking bad habits become harder later in life. That is why it is important that kids are introduced to the importance of a healthy lifestyle early on. The most important step in establishing this lifestyle is to understand that health is important and affects every aspect of one’s life.

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