3 Things to Expect When Fighting an Alcohol Addiction


Alcohol addiction is something that can happen to anyone. Over time, what starts off as social drinking can quickly turn into something a lot more problematic. However, there is a solution as well as treatment available for people battling alcohol addictions, and one of the most obvious is rehab. Depending on the nature of your addiction, there are various approaches you can take to try and overcome it. You may be reading this because you’re about to begin the journey of fighting an alcohol addiction. If that happens to be the case, you should find some useful things you can expect below.


When fighting an alcohol addiction, one of the first things that you should expect is temptation. Seeing as drinking has become a habit, trying to rid yourself of it is going to be hard. However, you can fight temptation by opting to take specific steps that should help mitigate the chances of you relapsing. Temptation could come in the form of your drinking friends asking you to hang out, going to bars at night, or leaving alcohol around the house. You should also know, however, that relapses are common as it’s said that 90% of people who try to quit have at least one relapse before achieving sobriety. In light of this, try your best to resist temptation, but if you do relapse, it’s never too late to try again.

Rollercoaster Emotions

Another thing you’re likely going to experience when fighting alcohol addiction is a range of different emotions. Whether you’re attempting to achieve sober living at a professional facility or at home, it’s likely that you’ll need to face your situation head-on, deal with triggers that may be causing the addiction, and find effective ways to deal with them. This isn’t always an easy process but is necessary if you want to overcome your addiction. You should also note that going through the highs and lows of getting clean is key if you want to truly come out at the other end victorious.

Lifestyle Changes

If you truly want to kick an addiction, in most cases, changing your lifestyle is necessary. As briefly mentioned above, the people you hang out with have a significant impact on your behavioral patterns so choosing the right ones is essential. You should, therefore, think about getting new friends, spending time in different places, and trying to put your attention in more positive and rewarding activities. If you want to prevent a relapse, it is important that you take your power back by deciding where you want to go and why you want to go there. In addition, learn more about your triggers and try and find ways to remove them from your personal space until you have the capacity to resist.

Trying to overcome an alcohol addiction can be tough. You will have some days that are better than others, but it’s important that you push through. On days that you feel close to relapsing, remember to make use of your support systems, and remember that it’s a journey that will take a significant amount of time, patience and hope.

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