How to Heal a Fractured Relationship During Addiction Recovery


Addiction is a powerful monster that strips us of our right minds and causes deep-seated pain that, in most cases, will not stop at you. The issue with addiction, of course, is that though you may not be in your right mind you are solely responsible for the pain you have caused and the subsequent consequences. Having a sex addiction will not automatically excuse you of cheating or of neglecting your partner in favor of visual stimulants. Having a gambling addiction will not excuse you from debt. You are in control, even if you are not, which is what strains relationships and even breaks them beyond repair.

Though you might never return to how things were before your addiction, you do need to try to make amends. With these seven steps you will be well on your way, but the journey will be long. Don’t ever give up and instead keep trying.

Get Professional Help

You cannot say you are healed or cured without real, hard evidence that you have seriously addressed your issues. If your marriage fell apart due to your sex addiction, then saying you won’t watch porn any more won’t cut it. You will instead want to seek out Alex Lederman LPC from sex addiction Houston to cut to the core of your addiction, build up your ability to manage it, and to even counsel your marriage.

Start New, Healthy Routines

Going through therapy will mean nothing if you return and have all your old triggers in place to watch you fall back into old habits. That is why it is important to start new, healthy routines. Some of these can be drastic. You could switch your smartphone to an old model that can only text and receive calls if you find yourself too tempted by the Internet. Sell your computer, or even lock away the television so that your partner is the only one in control of access. These are drastic, yes, but they can help keep you honest and give your partner control over the situation.

Cut Out the Toxic People From Your Life

If your addiction was facilitated by others, then you will need to cut those toxic people out of your life for good.

Don’t Force Others to Forgive You

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to forgiveness is that no one owes you anything. Don’t force people to forgive you and don’t get mad or defensive if they don’t want to try.

Be Patient and Let Them Heal on Their Own Time

Instead, you need to be patient with them and their healing process. Some relationships might not be salvageable, and in that case, letting them go and move on will be the best course of action. Other relationships, like family, can take years if not decades. Be patient, don’t force it, and let them set the pace of forgiveness.

Relationships might heal, others might never be the same, and some people will never want to see your face again. You need to respect their feelings regardless of which outcome because they are the ones who have to decide if they can forgive you or not. All you can do is show that you have changed are ready to do whatever it takes.

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