Why is modern medicine going nowhere in its attempts to treat breast cancer?


Why is modern medicine going nowhere in its attempts to treat breast cancer?

Our research has found that the answer to this question lies primarily with the politics of medicine, the cancer industry, and the industries that create the pollutants that contribute to breast cancer. We believe that the only way to truly prevent and breast breast cancer is to go outside the current way of doing things in medicine and stop the wholesale pollution of our planet with petrochemicals, but the forces that would keep things the same are very powerful and entrenched. that's why, just as they did with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), women need to educate themselves about pollutants, about breast cancer, and about alternative treatments.. They need to rebel against ineffective and harmful treatments, and do what they can to teach their doctors.

Over the past few decades, conventional medicine has done very little to make any meaningful difference in what will happen to you if you get breast cancer, and virtually nothing it has done has reduced the incidence of the disease. The harsh reality is, if you get breast cancer, you'll get more treatment than you did 50 years ago, you and your insurance company will spend a lot more money, and if it's fatal you may gain a few more months of life (usually of very poor quality), but statistics clearly tell us that conventional medicines for treating breast cancer such as tamoxifen, radiation, and chemotherapy just aren't working in the long run. The way breast cancer is currently treated is a way of doing "something" in the face of not knowing what else to do. If you have an invasive or nonlocal breast cancer, your chances of dying from it are still about one in three, the same as they have been for decades...

John R. Lee, MD

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