Genetic factor only 20% of breast cancer risk


Genetic factor only 20% of breast cancer risk

Experts agree that environmental risk factors, such as diet and exposure to toxins and pollutants, account for about 80 percent of breast cancers, and genetic factors account for about 20 percent. Among the environmental risk factors for breast cancer, diet is probably as least as important as exposure to toxins. Even those who happen to have a genetic predisposition can improve their chances of dodging a breast cancer diagnosis with hormone balance and a healthy die...

Much of the research on diet-breast cancer connections since the 1940s has encouraged the assumption that fat in the diet increases risk. Early population studies showed breast cancer incidence to be lower in nations where fat intake makes up 15 percent of daily calories and higher in nations where fat intake compromises 40 percent of daily calories...

This explains why woman in a Mediterranean country who eats a 40 percent fat diet rich in monosaturated fats from olive oil and omega-3 fats from fish has quite a different breast cancer risk profile from a woman in Philadelphia eating her 40 percent fat in the form of cheese steak sandwiches and french fries.

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