The Science of Spirituality

A little over seven years ago, I began a remarkable journey… that will, never end. As time has passed, I've discovered how little I know.

It wasn't my choice to begin tiffs journey. I had, or so I believed, everything I wanted and needed in life… definitely more than I had ever thought would be there for me. My daughter was a joy. My career was phenomenally successful. I had money in the bank and wonderful friends. After many hard years, I had "arrived." Okay, I didn't look too good, but I was getting older, I could accept that.

Then I became seriously ill.

Herophilius, a Greek philosopher, said, "When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted, wealth becomes useless, and reason is powerless."

I can vouch for that … especially the part about reason. So that may be why I took action when I received a call from a friend. He left tiffs message: "There's a machine that you hook up to yourself and it tells you what's wrong with you and then it fixes it."

That phone call changed my life. I still don't know why I took a look. But after two demos, I purchased the instrument and went to work "balancing my energy system." My health began to improve. I had entered the world of Quantum Physics… the marriage of science and spirituality. Science and spirituality? I wanted no part of either. I just wanted to figure out what about tiffs instrument was making me feel good again. Physics, which I had taken in college, was pure nonsense to me. I got through the course by acting pitiful and never cutting class. And God? Well, I was a believer, but religion was not for me… and that's what I thought spirituality was… too much negativity. Let's put it tiffs way: religion didn't sound like much fun. And science? How boring can you get?

But put them together and you get an inside look at some pretty fascinating stuff. Definitely a whole lot of fun and NEVER boring!

See, Modern Science reduced us to being mere machines, while Spirituality said there was an invisible force driving that machine.

The scientists and religious powers that be were always at odds… sometimes pretty viciously.

Then Quantum Physics came along and started measuring the energy of that force. And believe it or not, it does exist. Furthermore, it does so by showing energy force in measurable terms: that it is a conduit between us and an invisible world!

An invisible world? Doesn't that sound like something in the Bible, "Faith in firings unseen?" Yet, as scientific equipment has become more sophisticated, a world of energy (things unseen) began to appear. Kirlian photographic and aura studies confirmed the existence of an electric field around all objects. Specific channels of energy exchange, called meridians, were explored by Western scientists. Scientists discovered that the solid nature of physical matter was but an illusion of the senses. The physical body was made up of both particle and wave-like properties: oscillating, vibrating patterns of energy that we resonate with and interpret as solid matter. Philosophies thousands of years old began to make sense because it was shown that internally generated thoughts, belief systems and emotions affected these patterns of energy.

Sound like too much to handle? It might be worth file effort, as these new discoveries have the potential to have profound effects on not only our personal lives but file collective life of our species.


By Cathy Slaght

Cathy is a Certified Biofeedback Therapist/Human Software Engineer and Homeopathic Specialist - Global Wellness Consultants. Join her on this remarkable journey. Call her at 727-822-2111 or e-mail: Cathy Says, "I guarantee your life will never be the same."

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There is indeed a science of spirituality. It is a new and cutting edge science called Psycanics. (,
created and codified by Thomas Michael Powell, author, ontologist, philosopher and mystic.

Psycanics (sigh-cán-ics) is a theoretical model of being and non-physical experience that integrates philosophy, psychology, ontology, and spirituality into one science. Psycanics is a structured body of knowledge --of principles, laws, and equations-- that explains with pinpoint precision how life works. Its validity and usefulness as a model of the non-physical aspects of life have withstood 25 years of testing. As Knowledge is Power, Psycanics gives the human being the power to create Self and life as she would have them. Psycanics works, and it works better than all other models currently known.

Psycanics is:

• A Science of Self and of all personal experience. Psycanics explains exactly why you think, feel and act as you do, and why others are as they are. It is a science, not a belief system. It consists of laws and principles, formulas and equations, and offers proof of them.

• A practical Philosophy of what life is and how it really works. Psycanics is a compilation of the Laws of Life, of: Wisdom, Power, Relationships, Love, Success, & Happiness.

• A precise Psychology of the human being that pinpoints the structure and true motivation of all thoughts, feelings, and behavior, including addictions.

• The Physics of Spirit. Psycanics is the electronics of non-physical energies. This classification includes: awareness, consciousness, will, perception, experience, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and the communications and interactions in relationships.

• Verifiable Spirit-uality: You are a non-physical, life-energy entity, an Aware-Will perception and control unit, temporarily focused in and through a body in order to operate in the physical universe. You are a spirit playing in the material universe. Psycanics answers the questions: What is the scientific nature of the spirit, of the soul? How does spirit work? What and Who are we? Why are we here? -- where is ‘here’ in the grand scheme of existence?

• Note: Psycanics is NOT a religion. It claims no divine revelation or authority, has no doctrines or dogmas, eschews belief and faith in favor of proof and real knowledge. Psycanics is highly spirit-ual because you, the being, are a spirit. Will, Consciousness, thought and emotion, love and happiness are non-physical phenomena: they are spirit-ual, of the spirit. Psycanics is a science of the non-physical parts of human experience.

To discover more of this new science of spirituality, check out The University of Psycanics, delivering online tertiary studies, as well as face to face studies, is working extensively in Mexico, in Spanish. The university is presently setting up to cater for English delivery. There are excellent introductory articles on the website. For those seriously seeking a point of meeting of spirituality and science, psycanics offers a no nonsense approach to personal empowerment through scientific knowledge and personal experience.

The science of spirituality is no longer just a dream; it is powerfully and transformingly real. See for yourself:

Go forth and BE all that you want to BE and can BE - you will discover you have no limits.

Go forth and BE all that you want to BE and can BE - you will discover you have no limits.