Metaphysics is the science or philosophy that systematically investigates the nature of first causes or principles of all existence, ultimate reality, knowledge, being and the nature of the universe. It is a philosophical doctrine that all things are a part of one main source, and that each thing, animate or inanimate, should be respected for its particular form of this one main source; therefore each thing has an independent function and is dependent on every other thing, and all are contributing to the main source.

Metaphysics is an ethical and spiritual belief system. It covers a broad spectrum of ideas and concepts as well as providing a mental discipline we commonly refer to as The Science of Being. The old dictate of "know thyself" is apropos for a person practicing metaphysics.

Metaphysics is a way to interpret and understand life on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. The division of psychology dealing with metaphysical concepts is called parapsychology as it deals with things that go beyond the five senses.

Metaphysics is seen as a science because our belief system is demonstrated and manifested in concrete terms, a philosophy since it helps us to understand life, and, for many, it serves as a religion because it teaches us our relationship with God.

Metaphysicians believe that the wisdom of humanity is within. No topic is too much or too little to consider in metaphysical terms. It is truly an all-encompassing belief system. The emphasis is on the exploration of reality and how our level of consciousness determines the quality of life.

While metaphysics is practiced by many as a religion, it is basically an ethical and spiritual belief system. Unity, Science of Mind and Religious Science are examples of religions that practice metaphysical beliefs. There are many who consider themselves metaphysicians but attend no worship services. However, they live their lives everyday in a metaphysical pattern. There is a great comfort in belonging to a group of people who think as you do, but metaphysics makes no requirements for membership in any organization.

What kind of spiritual belief system are we talking about?

To the metaphysician God is the creative, active force in the universe from which all scientific, natural and spiritual laws are derived. This beneficent force is creating a friendly universe today, as it was in the beginning. The more we go into quiet meditation and seek this link with Good the more we know and the greater our awareness becomes.

A wonderful and unseen force is alive and active through us. Life is a precious gift from the creative intelligence of God. We express this force best through Love, Understanding, Wisdom and Truth. Each creative thinker knows there is a Source somewhere within. Each child knows that he or she, alone, is not enough! We are not alone. God, referred to in various religions by different names, is the same God -- The Creator or Source of us all.

Why is positive thinking important to The metaphysician?

Metaphysics teaches that the mind controls our Reality. If you think it, it is so. We encourage ourselves to believe in the best so we can manifest this in our lives. We know that apparent good does not always happen, and we also know this is so because our interpretation of good is not always the same as that of the Universe.

God or the Source knows what is best for our Highest Good, and it is the Highest Good of the Soul that we are trying to achieve. What pleases us one minute may not always please us the next. The Universe knows what is always the Ultimate Best. When we pray or meditate we say "Thy will be done." Since we create our own world, our attitude towards our world is all that we can completely control, and is the key in creating the highest and best world for our Soul.

What is the relationship between the holistic movement and metaphysics?

Both recognize the interaction of Mind, Body and Spirit. Metaphysics teaches that as a person thinks, so he or she is. If your thoughts are negative, you will manifest illness. In holistic medicine like metaphysics, self-responsibility is stressed. Patient participation is encouraged in every aspect through attitude, diet, exercise and education. There can be no separate compartment called "Health." All of life reflects our level of consciousness.

Is metaphysics the only way?

There are many ways to lead an ethical and spiritual life. Each must find his or her "right way." Our metaphysical search has taken us into every corner of the world and of humanity's mind in order to find answers to the meaning of life and of our relationship to the Universe.

Is there a set of laws or rules to adhere to?

There is no dogma or strict code for a metaphysician. Most believers have developed for themselves a standard of behavior based on Universal Laws. These laws are guides to our consciousness. Following are some of the thoughts that give us our individual principles and freedom to create our own philosophy and the right to dictate our own terms with life:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We call this Universal Law (Cause and Effect) or Sowing and Reaping. There is no escaping responsibility for an action. There is always a reaction based on your action. We hold this for thoughts, too. As you think, it is reflected back to you.

Self-responsibility is stressed because there is no one else to blame. God does not punish. We create our own problems and solutions.

Harmlessness is important because we feel the connection with all living things. Humanity has been given custodianship over all the earth, all of its creatures and the environment. The human family must take care of and be responsible for this. There is no one else.

The law of Grace is our way of acceptance. There is nothing that cannot be forgiven. First you must forgive yourself, then God's Grace is waiting for you. Just ask. All things are forgiven. Learn the lesson behind it and do not repeat it, then you are free of it.

Life is teaching us. We want to be aware of the opportunities to learn and awake enough to see the connection with the rest of life.

Dr. Paul F. Daniele is executive director of the New Age Ministries International and the president and dean of education of The College of Metaphysical Studies (CMS). Clearwater, 1-800-780 META. meta@gte.net.www.cms.edu.


By Paul F. Daniele

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