Life Extensions website has a feature not to be missed

FROM THE FRONT PAGE WWW.LEF.ORG, look under on the sidebar under LEF Research and click on What's Hot. This will take you to a page where the very latest breakthrough news is posted. The Foundation selects items that are notable for their unprecedented occurrence, or their ability to save lives. News like this should make the daily news headlines, but since the news media deem other stories more worthy, What's Hot is the place to go to find out what's really important. After all, what's more important than your own life?

The most recent stories are listed on the front page, with a link to More News and the Hot News Archives. Here's a description of a few items that have made headlines on the site, where the full articles are posted.

The latest issue of Alzheimer's Reports featured an article in which Spherons, tiny balls of tightly packed protein found in some brain cells throughout human brains, have been linked with Alzheimer's disease. Using forensic techniques to date amyloid beta proteins found in the Spherons, researchers from Nymox Corporation found them be quite old, some as old as eighty years. Other than proteins in teeth and bones, most proteins in the body last no longer than a few weeks.

The scientists concluded that as humans age, the Spherons grow until they become too large for the cell that contains them, which causes them to be released. The Spherons then burst, causing senile plaques.


By Dayna Dye

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