Osteoarthritis and joint pain


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Abstract:The article answers a question related to osteoarthritis. A reader has asked the question regarding his mother, who is 45 years of age. A surgeon Frederic J. Vagnini in the reply gives information about the disease. Osteoarthritis is a pathological change of joints that often occurs in cartilage, the sticky slippery tissue that covers the tip of the hone at the joint. Healthy cartilage allows the bone to move smoothly and absorbs concussions produced by the body's movement. In osteoarthritis, not only is the cartilage surface injured, it can also gradually wear out causing the bones to grind against each other and resulting in pain and swelling. More than 50 percent of people over the age of 65 will suffer from osteoarthritis in at least one joint, and for people in their seventies and eighties the rate can reach as high as 70 percent.

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