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[Of cystic breasts, toxic metals, candida, smoking, computers and tantrums.]

Q Cystic breasts seem to be a family curse with my grandmother, mother and myself all falling victim. Anything I can do about this?

A Absolutely! To begin with, you must totally cease any caffeine -- coffee, tea, and chocolate -- as there is something in caffeine, which appears to stimulate the growth of cysts. Secondly, you must avoid the use of any deodorants that contain aluminum in any form. Also avoid using any aluminum cookware. Thirdly, cystic breasts often appear in women whose thyroid function is underactive (hypothyroid). You can determine if this is so by doing an underarm temperature test (Barnes' test) first thing in the AM upon rising. If the temperature on average is below 97.8, the thyroid needs attention. Lastly, there are two homeopathic remedies, which are greatly affective in treating this problem, Conium-6x and Phytolacca-3x. Either of these should be taken once a day upon rising or alternated.

Q Speaking of toxic metals like aluminum and mercury, what is the best way to get rid of these?

A To begin with, you must find the source of the problem and eliminate it. Mercury, for instance, may be coming from old fillings, which need to be replaced, or the consumption of fish with high mercury levels, which unfortunately is becoming increasingly common! Sources of aluminum toxicity have already been mentioned. To antidote toxic mercury, Aur. Met-30 has been proven effective. For removing toxic aluminum, a combination formula of Cuprum-6c, Calc. Sulph-6c and Alumina-70c has stood the test of time. And, by the way, fasting is NOT affective in removing these culprits.

Q Ever since doing a few rounds of an antibiotic I find myself spacey, unable to concentrate, depressed, and full of strange aches and pains. What's going On with me?

A Very likely you are suffering from an overgrowth of candida albicans, a form of yeast, which is thrown out of balance by the use of certain widespectrum antibiotics. To get rid of this problem you need to avoid any bread, beer, wine, mushrooms, vinegar, and sugar in your diet. You also need to take some kind of homeopathic remedy, which will destroy the excess yeast and return it to its proper level. There are many remedies and special combination formulas, which will correct this problem. Classical, single remedies include Borax, Ant. Tart, Graph, Merc. Sol. and Sulph --just to mention a few. The presence of toxic metals and intestinal parasites often play a role in those who are unable to correct this problem.

Q I want to stop smoking but haven't been able to do it. Any ideas?

A You bet! To begin with, no one ever stops smoking until he is ready to quit. I have seen persons do acupuncture, hypnosis -- even the patch -- and not stop. I think it was Mark Twain who once remarked, "It's easy to stop smoking. I've done it a hundred times!" Assuming that you are serious about stopping, however, a combination formula of Daphne Indica-3x, Nicotin-10x, Plant. Maj-MT and Nux-10x has been found helpful. Sometimes Tabacum-10x is added.

Q You just mentioned the remedy Nux. I keep hearing this mentioned for general detoxification. What's it all about?

A Nux (full name Nux Vomica) is the "too much" remedy that often corrects over indulgence in any form. I drank too much. I ate too much. I smoked too much. I did too many antibiotics. Hence, it has an honored place in the treasured home-remedy kit of every person and is so found in the UK. It can also be useful if taken for a few days at the beginning of a fast, and is also very helpful in correcting long-standing cases of constipation when combined with Bryonia, Lycopodium, and Colocynthis.

Q When I spend long hours on my computer I find myself getting very tired. What's going on here and what can I do about it?

A Most likely you are being affected by subtle radiation from your computer, monitor or printer. Why some people are so affected and others are not, I have not been able to determine but feel that it may be due to their natal astrological chart. What radiation does, however, is to lower thyroid function (also caused by toxic mercury). While various devices for correcting this radiation can be placed on or near the computer, taking a combination formula of Graphites-6x, Calc. Phos-4x, and X-Ray-200c will correct this problem. This formula has also been found effective after dental or other X-rays have been taken and also as a preventative for "jet lag."

Q I have a five-year-old daughter who is given to "big time" temper tantrums! Help!

A When my youngest daughter was growing up she had a similar problem. The solution was found in my wife carrying a phial of homeopathic Chamomilla-6x. Whenever my daughter cut up, my wife reached for the Chamomilla and down the hatch it went. In fact, after a while Lucienne automatically opened her mouth at the first sign of her tantrum. It is safe to say that she would probably have not made it to adulthood without Chamomilla. And in case you are wondering, she did grow out of it and went on to graduate summa cum laude from a prestigious prep school, where she used homeopathy for herself and friends on a regular basis.


By R. Donald Papon, Dr.

Dr. R. Donald Papon is a homeopathic physician, educator, and under the penname, Zolar. His latest Homeopathy Made Simple (Hampton Roads) is available at bookstores everywhere. Ozona (727) 781-8878 or zolarpub@ozline.net.

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