Common bacterias that cause pneumonia

Common bacteria that cause pneumonia children's ear infections and many other diseases may be evolving into forms untreatable by all known methods. In the post-antibiotic world, the simplest infections could quickly escalate into fatal illnesses, according to Alexander Tomasz of Rockerfeller University in New York City. A leading authority on bacteria that are resistnat to treatment by antibiotics, his concerns are shared by doctors at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

The genes for resistance are carried on bacterial structures called plasmids that can easily be shared between bacteria of different species. Certain, uncommon bacteria have already developed untreatable strains, and experiments show that the same things can happen with common bacteria, Tomasz says. Some strains of enterococcus, which are mostly limited to hospitals and can cause wound and blood infections, have. already become resistant to vancomycin and all other known antibiotics. The fear is that resistance could move to pneumococcus and to staphylococcus. Before 1980, only a few scattered cases were reported of pneumococcus that were resistant to penicillin. That year resistant strains began appearing everywhere and are now common worldwide.

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