Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Prevention & Treatment

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Prevention & Treatment


by Kate Montgomery

Sports Touch Publishing, Trade Paper

$16.95, 75 pages

"Anyone," Kate Montgomery writes in her introduction, "who uses his/her hands and wrists and bends the elbows may be at risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome." As you might imagine, this statement represents a very large segment of the population (myself not excluded). With surgical intervention being a less-than-perfect treatment option because of risk, recovery time, the possibility of recurrence and no guarantee of post-surgical improvement, the quest for non-surgical alternatives has grown.

Montgomery, a multi-talented health professional with over twenty years experience specializing in sports-related musculoskeletal, ergonomic and repetitive motion disorders, has provided one such alternative in the Revised Third Edition of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

After defining the term Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, this book gives us a short, related anatomy lesson followed by self-testing and muscle monitoring techniques. Corrective measures are then outlined step-by-step and include strengthening exercises, massage applications, herbal references and ergonomic recommendations for the work place.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this book are its thorough drawings and photographs which clearly illustrate the author's treatment plan. Health professionals as well as individuals interested in the self-management or prevention of this potentially debilitating affliction will find these illustrations extremely helpful in applying Montgomery's techniques.

The Holistic Health Network.


By Patty A. Harder

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