Study suggests vaccine may cause Crohn's disease


Study suggests vaccine may cause Crohn's disease

According to a research study published in a prestigious British medical journal, there may be a direct link between the measles vaccine and Crohn's disease.

Medical doctors at the Royal Free Hospital of Medicine reported that children who were vaccinated for that common childhood ailment have a significantly higher risk of developing Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis later in life than non-vaccinated children.

The doctors compared 3,545 people who had received live measles vaccine in 1964 to a control group of 11,407 people. By 1994, three times as many people in the vaccinated group had developed Crohn's disease and twice as many had developed ulcerative colitis when compared to the unvaccinated group.

The study reinforces many researchers' fears that exposure to the measles virus can cause a prolonged disruption in the immune function.

SOURCE: The Lancet Vol. 345, April 29, 1995, pp. 1071-74.

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