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In his forward to Jordan Rubin's book, Patient Heal Thyself, Garry Gordon, M.D., D.O., M.D.(H) states "The Jordan Rubin Story ranks as one of the most dramatic natural healing stories ever told... But even greater than his own healing journey are the secrets of health and longevity that Jordan has gathered together for the benefit of humanity.... Though his secrets are culled from ancient wisdom, it is, ironically, science at the cutting-edge that tells us Jordan's message is solid.... I truly believe the information in this book will form the foundation program for your journey to super health or recovery from disease. Based on work with my own patient load, I personally can attest to the solid results health-conscious consumers can expect."

Jordan Rubin believes everything in life happens for a reason. Even his two-year battle with Crohn's disease, a thoroughly debilitating, life-threatening disease which many medical professionals consider incurable.

Over an 18-month period from the onset of Crohn's disease Jordan went from an 180-pound athletic, gregarious university student to a 104-pound emaciated prisoner within his rapidly deteriorating body. During that period Jordan had consulted with 70 doctors, taken 500 health products and been subjected to numerous experimental, even bizarre, therapies thought to provide relief for his endless suffering.

Finally Jordan and his family were counseled that an operation to remove his colon and most of his small intestines was the only hope for his survival. Even then the chances that he would survive to return home were slim. Jordan agreed to the surgery, however, a few days later he had an epiphany. He realized the only way he could conquer his insidious foe was through his own determination, his faith in God and the continued support of his family. Jordan checked himself out of the hospital, scared, wounded and not knowing what to do next but convinced he would prevail in his quest.

Shortly after his return home his father, a chiropractor and naturopath, informed Jordan he had recently spoken to an eccentric nutritionist on the phone who believed his problems were precipitated by his diet. He believed his illness was because he was not eating the diet of his ancestors, based on Biblical principles. Jordan was intrigued by the suggestion. He read the Bible to see what people ate thousands of years ago. He also learned that the longest living cultures in the world had one thing in common: they consumed living foods that abounded with beneficial microorganisms.

A few weeks later Jordan got on a plane for southern California where he could live closer to this nutritionist who would teach him how to eat from the Bible. After integrating into his program and with some of his own findings about nutrition and health from the Bible, Jordan began to see improvement.

Then his father sent him a probiotic which contained numerous nutrients missing from the pesticide-sterilized soil in which we grow our foods today--not only trace minerals but live organisms (Homeostatic Soil Organisms™) or HSOs, as Jordan later named them. Jordan integrated the HSOs into his diet for "live" foods, all of which were consumed with their beneficial enzymes and microorganisms intact. Within a month of adding the HSOs to his diet he had new-found energy and his severely damaged intestines were improving.

Over the next six weeks Jordan regained 29 pounds. By December of 1996, 27 months after the onset of his disease, Jordan, now 21, was finally back to his normal weight and ready to start life again. Jordan Rubin had done what hundreds of thousands of disease suffers desperately want to do--he had recovered his health. Also he knew he had something to help other sufferers of digestive disorders, especially Crohn's disease sufferers.

Dr. Morton Walker, a medical journalist who had given him information for some of the clinics he visited, suggested that he write an article outlining Jordan's story for the "Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients," a prestigious health publication that focuses on alternative medicines and treatments. The article about his recovery generated over 2,000 phone calls from doctors as well as individuals suffering from bowel disease.

Literally Jordan was forced to find a way to distribute the HSOs that had helped him get well. He started Garden of Life, a company that manufactures innovative products based on the dietary principles that helped him and are designed to help the body heal itself. In the ensuing years Jordan earned degrees in nutrition, sports medicine and naturopathy.

His mission has become one of helping people like himself who are ill to regain their health and, helping people who are healthy to flourish.

Today Jordan has been well for over seven years and off medication for almost eight years. People say Crohn's disease is incurable but from his experience, no disease is incurable. Some people may be too far gone and may not ever get completely well but every single disease and every single State of health can be improved through whole-food nutrition and whole-food supplements that bring one back to a diet and a lifestyle that has been proven to work for thousands of years.

Jordan has achieved his goal of creating a vehicle whereby he could reach people who were suffering from digestive and immune system disorders. Also through Garden of Life he has designed a line of consumer products based on the theory of anthropological nutrition or, simply, the nutrition of history.

We first became acquainted with Jordan Rubin in August 1998 when his "before and after" pictures appeared in an article on HSOs by one of our associate editors. A few months later I met and had a lengthy discussion with Jordan in person at a natural health food show. At that time he shared the story of his journey and described his vision to design a program so that everyone who suffers from illness can take his/her health into their own hands.

Recently I had another opportunity to spend a few hours with Jordan, who is now a regular contributor to totalhealth. Following are excerpts from our conversation.

TH: Congratulations on Patient Heal Thyself. Please give us an overview of the book.

JR: My goal in writing Patient Heal Thyself is to help individuals take control of their own health and unlock the body's phenomenal healing potential. The book establishes our gastrointestinal tract as the key to attaining and maintaining vibrant health and how, by following the Maker's Diet the body will be given the nutritional tools it needs to overcome virtually any new health challenge. It explains why homeostatic soil organisms that are missing from our modern diet may be the key to healing a wide range of health conditions. It has complete protocols including diet, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements to improve the health conditions that plague us today.

You know the old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Well I have been doing this a few years now and ever since I've gotten well I have talked to thousands of people who are suffering from diseases and almost all of them wait until they are suffering. My highest hope for this book and for my message is that there are people who will learn from other people's mistakes and live healthy lives rather than experience the trauma of chronic disease.

TH: In the article on HSOs which ran in August 1998 the author made the following statement: "Many nutritional researchers are convinced that as much as 90 percent of known diseases may be caused or exacerbated by these gastrointestinal imbalances. When toxins are dispersed through the bloodstream, a precondition of 'intestinal toxemia,' poisoning by harmful intestinal bacteria occurs. As far back as 1928, H.H. Boeker, D.C., remarked, 'It is now universally conceded that autointoxication is the underlying cause of an exceptionally large group of symptom complexes.'" How important is gastrointestinal or "gut" health to our overall well-being?

JR: We take our gastrointestinal tract for granted but we really shouldn't. Gastrointestinal health is a major key to ones overall total health.

Autointoxication, self-poisoning of the body through toxins that are generated in and seep out through the digestive tract, is a major problem. The article dates back to 1928. Interestingly as a regular guest on "Your Health Matters" with Doug Kaufmann I receive a good deal of information from viewers and on a number of occasions have been sent books. Recently I received a book titled The Medical Treatment for Autointoxication written by a doctor in 1896, which stated the same 90 percent figure. Today we refer to the manifestation of this condition as "leaky gut syndrome."

Also it is not just disease. All healing begins in the digestive tract. For instance, even a broken arm. The digestive tract takes in all nourishment, digests it and disperses it to where you make your blood. Literally the nutrient you take into your mouth is digested, assimilated and eventually becomes who you are the next day--we are what we eat. Actually we are what we digest.

The gastrointestinal tract is the foundation of good health. Research indicates that the ravages of oxidative stress is one of the most serious threats to optimum health in our modern day society, whether it be environmental toxins, preservatives in food, stress in personal or professional lives, concern over the threat of war and terrorism or the deleterious effect of long-term prescription drug use. More oxidative stress is generated in our colon than anywhere else in the body. So it stands to reason if you want to reduce oxidative stress and live longer and healthier, the first place to start is your colon.

Let me give you an analogy. When you are erecting a home the first thing you do is to clear the land of weeds, shrubs and anything else that might compromise the integrity of the land. Then you pour the concrete of the slab for the foundation and wait for it to set. At that point you can begin to frame the building floor by floor. I sincerely believe we can prevent or reverse up to 90 percent of our health problems if we build a solid foundation by consuming a proper diet and living a lifestyle that will enhance digestive health. From then on everything else will fall into place. It is a domino effect.

It is from the healthy gut that we enjoy neurological and psychological as well as immunological health.

Did you know that one half of all our nerve cells, the enteric nervous system, are located within the gut? Did you know that our capacity for feeling and emotional expression depends primarily on the gut and, to a lesser extent, the brain?

No wonder why we talk so much about gut feelings. Gut-wrenching feelings. No wonder we tell people to trust their gut.

It is also important to understand that our gastrointestinal tract can contain as much as 60 percent of our lymphatic vessels, a critical component of the immune system.

The trouble with these modern times is that so many influences today are counter-productive to gastrointestinal health. I know, I was very likely one of the victims of one or more of these influences--including vaccinations; milk contaminated with Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis; indiscriminate overuse of antibiotics; and poor diet--and that's just a few of our modern day enemies out to destroy our gastrointestinal health.

Many people are falling victim to these influences. As a result, they are experiencing health problems that could be overcome if they knew that they centered in their gut. No wonder so many of us have poor health. We've neglected the health of our gut for far too long.

TH: You mentioned earlier you consistently hear from people who are suffering from disease. With all of your other responsibilities do you still consult with individual patients?

JR: Yes, a few. Currently I am working with a young man who at 22 has had Crohn's disease for 10 years. When we met a few months ago he was hospitalized and on five to 10 medications including prednisone and high doses of corticoid steroids as well as major narcotic pain killers such as Vicodin and Percocet. He was not able to work or interact socially--he just laid in bed. In fact, he had confided to a friend that he thought he was going to die. Subsequently I outlined a recovery program and explained to him the only way we could work together was that he adhere to the plan 100 percent, which he agreed to do.

In a matter of one month, by strictly following the diet and nutritional supplements recommended and protocols found in the Makers Diet, this young man is off of all medications. After years of taking medications which failed to control or improve his condition, over four weeks he had made major strides.

The reality is that you can take someone who has been on pharmaceuticals for 10 years and teach them dietary principles that are so basic they have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years. To me that is a medical miracle. The best part is, it wasn't accomplished by using medicine. It was accomplished by using food and compounds found in food that have been employed for millennia.

I sincerely believe that if we do not follow these lifestyle and dietary principles that have existed as long as mankind itself, we suffer the consequences. While it may not be Crohn's disease, we all have genetically predetermined weaknesses. Yours may be in the heart or lungs, mine is in the digestive tract. If we break the principles of health, we will suffer the expression of our weakness.

Finally, if I may, I would like to share excerpts from a letter we received today. It is the ultimate expression of why I am so determined to share the information in Patient Heal Thyself with everyone who is seeking the path to optimum health.

TH: Thank you, Jordan

JR: It has been my pleasure.

"Dear Jordan,

"On September 26, 2002 I was given the life changing news that I had lymphoma cancer. Immediately I started researching treatments available and diet changes that I felt would give me the best chance for a quality life and help me to live the longest possible amount of time. After consulting with my doctor and praying about what God wanted me to do, I chose to go with chemotherapy. . . .After meeting with you personally and being introduced to your supplements and diet suggestions, and reading your book Patient Heal Thyself, I decided to continue chemotherapy along with following the suggestions found on pages 182-90 in the book.

"...On December 3 I took my next chemotherapy treatment and waited for my energy level to hit the bottom, as the doctor said it would. Much to my delight and surprise my nausea and fatigue were almost non-existent. My doctor tested my blood and my blood counts never dropped. What a difference the diet change and supplements made.

"...On January 15, 2003 my cancer was restaged by CAT and P.E.T. scans. The doctor, who is very low key, came bouncing energetically into my examination room and shouted, 'this is incredible; in my 15 years of practice this is the most amazing lymphoma scan report I have ever seen; the lymph nodes have shrunk back to normal and there is no sign of cancer anywhere.' Now that my career is in remission, I will continue following the suggested diet and taking the supplements, expecting the antioxidants to increase the oxygen level in my blood and keep the cancer away for good.

"Thank you for your commitment to helping others heal their diseases. God bless your commitment to teaching others to how to take care of their bodies."

BN Tennessee

PHOTO (COLOR): Jordan Rubin has done what hundreds of thousands of disease suffers desperately want to do--he has recovered his health.


By Lyle Hurd, Editor

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