Reiki Heals Chronic Kidney Stones


Reiki Heals Chronic Kidney Stones

During Christmas week of 1996, I was asked to give Reiki to Briana, a two and a half year old girl suffering from a genetic problem called "oxalosis", a condition which causes kidney stones.

I sat in a rocking chair with Briana reading her favorite book and singing to her while giving her Reiki. Soon she fell asleep and I was able to position her so that I could use both hands to give her Reiki. At one point, I noticed my hands were burning hot when I had them in the area over her kidneys. I noticed when I looked down, I saw "waves" (like those you see on asphalt or sidewalks during a hot summer's day) around my hands and around that part of her body. The whole treatment lasted about an hour. I felt privileged to work with such a beautiful spirit.

Reiki helped Briana relax and get in touch with the healing power within.

In early March of 1997, I received a letter from Briana's grandmother. This is what the letter said: (reprinted with permission)

"Since the summer of 1996, she (Briana) has had a large stone lodged in the pelvis of her left kidney It was in a spot where the doctors didn't feel comfortable using a laser to remove it as they had done the others...About three weeks ago, Briana told Bonnie, her mother, that "the lady healed me. She read a book to me and healed me."

Bonnie got so excited that she called to ask what I thought. I said it sounded like we passed a major event or were about to. Last Friday, while Briana was at day care, she became very sick and doubled over in pain. Bonnie rushed Briana to the emergency room where she was admitted. The next morning the Urologist and Pediatrician met with Bonnie and Brian, Briana's father, and said the stone had broken up and was moving out of the left kidney pelvis toward the bladder.

The doctor said he wouldn't be surprised if Briana passed the stone on her own. He discharged her that day and sure enough, the stone was in her diaper when they got home.

She is still on medication, but there is no longer the threat of kidney blockage. Reiki helped Briana relax and get in touch with the healing power within. Even at her tender age she "knew" that she was healed. We are ever thankful for the blessings of Reiki.

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By Kathie Lipinski

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