Managing menopause



"MENOPAUSE IS a normal, natural, healthy transition," says Jane Guiltinan, N.D., director of the Bastyr Women's Wellness Center in Seattle. Still, the decreasing estrogen levels make life a roller-coaster ride for many women. Tame the irritating symptoms that accompany the end of menstruation with these natural remedies offered by Guiltinan and Phoenix-based naturopath Karsten Alexandria, N.D.

The hydrochloric acid in your digestive system decreases during menopause, contributing to and BLOATING and WEIGHT GAIN. Supplement after each meal with a pancreatic enzyme and HCL formula like Enzymatic Therapy Pro-Gest-Ade.

Waning estrogen affects serotonin levels, making MOOD SWINGS common. Find emotional stability by massaging the soles of your feet, solar plexus, and chest with Wisdom Springs Formula 5, a blend of eight certified organic essential oils.

Women In menopause tend to sleep lightly and wake easily. Fight INSOMNIA by taking a tepid Epsom salt bath before bed. The magnesium sulfate reduces stimulation to your nervous system and muscles, says Guiltinan. Also, add a Chillow to your pillow. This soft packet absorbs body heat to keep you cool and comfy [see Buyer's Guide, page 106).
To fight HOT FLASHES, keep a portable fan nearby, avoid spicy meals and alcohol, and eat foods high in hormone-balancing phytoestrogens like say nuts or tofu, says Guiltinan.

Plunging hormone levels can result in and Try 400 to 800 milligrams of in capsule form three times a day. For lubrication, squeeze vitamin E from a capsule, then swab it along the vaginal wall.

JOINT PAIN is a lesser-known symptom of menopause. If you have a degenerative joint disease like arthritis, consider taking 1,500 mg of glucosamine sulfate daily in divided doses. Avoid saturated fats, which promote inflammation in the body.

A woman loses bone mineral density most rapidly during the two years after she stops having periods. Prevent a FRACTURE by getting 1,200 mg of calcium daily with 400 to 800 IU of vitamin D for absorption. Be sure to do weight-bearing exercise.

"Women are most upset by the that can accompany menopause," says Alexandria. Keep your mind sharp with 25 mg a day of pregnenolone, a precursor to the hormones DH EA and progesterone.

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