Gum Disease Is A Serious, Even Life-threatening, Health Hazard


OVER 50 PERCENT of Americans have moderate to severe gum disease--a silent, mostly painless, chronic, communicable, bacterial infection that goes undetected until serious symptoms manifest. Additionally, research confirms gum disease increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and immune system disorders.

I know, first-hand, the seriousness of gum disease, common in immune compromised individuals. Your "pearly whites" might be pretty, but they must have strong tissues to stay in your mouth.

I've written extensively about my fondness for the overall health benefits of wheat grass juice in my book Invisible Illnesses however, not commonly recognized are the oral health benefits. Why wheat grass? Because it:

• Destroys harmful germs and microbes

• Is a natural immune booster

• Contains concentrated chlorophyll (protection from carcinogens)

• Neutralizes cell toxins

• Contains liquid oxygen

• Neutralizes bacteria (preventing halitosis)

• Contains exogenous enzymes (powerful detoxifiers)

I've witnessed the unsurpassed reversal of gingivitis (gum inflammation) when wheat grass juice is applied topically. Most of us don't have the time, or inclination, to juice daily; I experimented with protocol using a powdered, certified organic, kosher juice.

Green Therapy Bedtime:

Brush and floss as usual
Brush with reconstituted wheat grass juice
Soak gauze strips in juice, apply under lips onto gums
Allow gauze to remain as long as possible (through the night)
This protocol, for my clients and me, has achieved unsurpassed results if used regularly.

To locate a retailer of SweetWheat™, the juice used and recommended by Dr. Gilbère, call 1.888.227.9338.


By Gloria Gilbère, N.D., D.A. Hom., Ph.D.

Dr. Gilbère is author of I was Poisoned by my body, Invisible Illnesses, Nature's Prescription Milk and her new release 5 years AFTER I was Poisoned by my body: What works, What doesn't and What it takes to be healthy, Naturally.

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