From the Convention Circuit: Schizophrenia, lymphoma, metastasized melanoma, osteomyelitis


From the Convention Circuit: Schizophrenia, lymphoma, metastasized melanoma, osteomyelitis

Mary Turpin

It is always an especially exciting experience to meet with one of Dr. Gerson's former patients. Mary Turpin, one such patient, attended our Gerson Convention in Baltimore in October, 1995. When I had a Gerson clinic for a short time in South Bend, Indiana in 1976, Mary was one of my helpers.

Mary married at age 27 and had a son one year later. In 1953 or '54, when Mary's son, Jed, was about 14 years old, he developed schizophrenia, diagnosed in the Children's Hospital in Champaign, IL. At that time, he did not receive any treatment. At 17, a gland noted on his abdomen was excised and biopsied and lymphoma was diagnosed. On further examination, infected lymph nodes were found throughout his system: underarm, in the groin, and even in his liver. Mary was told that Jed would not live more than four months. Mary tried all over the United States to find treatment. A doctor suggested excision of the tumors from Jed's liver, but Mary refused. She found a chiropractor, Dr. O., who knew of Dr. Gerson and had done some research on the Gerson Therapy. He referred Jed and his mother to Gerson in New York -- and Mary made an appointment for the next day.

After Jed started on the Gerson Therapy his schizophrenia began to abate and eventually disappeared. When Jed had been on Gerson Therapy for about two years, Dr. Gerson died, and Jed was rather frightened.

But there was another development: After Jed's birth, Mary had had two more children. About one year into Jed's treatment, Mary was "always very, very tired". Once, when Jed had an appointment at Dr. Gerson's office, Mary was also examined. She had blood tests and urinalyses as well as X-rays, and cancer was found in her abdomen and liver. Mary immediately started on the full Therapy, together with her son. Jed was feeling fine after one year on the treatment, but Dr. Gerson urged that he do one more year. At about that time, Dr. Gerson died. Mary was better and had good energy after two years on the treatment.

A few years later, Jed married a woman who was a great cook and baked excellent cakes and pies. Some time later, Jed had a recurrence, had new tests and X-rays done, and went back on the full Gerson Therapy. He recovered again and, this time, he stayed well. He is now a healthy vegetarian, and still does some juicing. Mary is 85 years old, and remains well.

Norman Piersma, melanoma

In November, in Orlando, we were delighted to see Norman Piersma again, looking lean and fit. His is an interesting story.

We first published Norman's own report about his illness in The Gerson Healing Newsletter, Vol. 9, No. 2 (July/August 1994). Below is part of the letter he wrote to the Gerson Institute, dated May, 1994.

"Three years ago, having arrived three days before at CHIPSA, another tumor swiftly came up in my right axillary region. But growth stopped in three days because my immune system had kicked in. Therefore, my most exciting Tijuana experience was to see this golf ball size[d] tumor disappear over a period of two months.

"This was the last I saw of my metastatic melanoma. And here it is, three years after they told me I had six months to live....

"Not only am I alive but I am in top physical condition. In the last several months, I've competed in the Senior Olympic Games in Michigan and Florida. I've won Silver twice and Gold once in the Racewalk. I am 67 and enjoying vibrant health. Why? Because the principles I learned in the Gerson Therapy continue to apply in the maintenance of optimum health."

Today, another year and a half later the story has taken a new twist: Norman told us in Orlando that he had actually followed the strict Gerson Therapy for some 18 months and then slacked off. Furthermore, he spent some time traveling in South America where he was completely off the Gerson type of foods. Some time later, he discovered a new tumor! Naturally, he went back to the strict treatment and the tumor, again disappeared.

This illustrates an important point that we make repeatedly: While Dr. Gerson says in his book, A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases that patients are generally fully restored after 18 months on the Therapy, we are forced to warn our patients now that 18 months is no longer sufficient. Dr. Gerson's patients in the 1940's and 1950's, were seriously ill and "had damaged, toxic livers," as is the case today. But Gerson also feared that 25 years hence (1975 or 1980), one would no longer be able to heal with foods. He foresaw the continuing degeneration of the soil, our foods, and the increasing use of toxic substances, from pesticides and fungicides to food additives and drugs. As he wrote this pessimistic forecast in 1958, we have long since passed the 25 year mark. The powerful Gerson Therapy is, fortunately, still effective. However, we have to observe some additional points:

Patients must use organically grown foods, free of poisons and rich in nutrients.
We have to assume that patients are now more seriously damaged from years of ingesting agricultural chemicals, food additives in large amounts and many more drugs than there were in the 1950's. This leads us to the inevitable conclusion that a restorative period of 18 months is no longer enough!
Gerson patients have been told for a number of years that they need to stay with the strict treatment for two years to fully restore the body and to be reasonably assured that they will not experience a recurrence. But even this extended period is not always guaranteed to result in a permanent cure. It is important to note that Dr. Gerson wrote in A Cancer Therapy, Case No. 7, p. 285: "This patient, as some others (15%), shows that in some special cases the duration of the treatment cannot be determined. The restoration of the entire body functions, especially the liver, is decisive and later the maintenance of this restoration is important. Otherwise the best accomplishments remain partial results only or temporary healing."

I am glad to be able to add to Norman's story that he not only went back to the full Gerson Therapy but he vowed that he would stay on a modified therapy in the future to be certain of his continued health and well-being.

Elwood Goodier

We met several other patients in Orlando. One of these was Elwood Goodier, now 78, who reported that he was suffering from osteomyelitis as well as endocarditis early this year. When he arrived at the CHIPSA hospital in February of 1995, he was on heavy doses of morphine as well as drug patches in an effort to control his pain. The medications were minimally effective, but his original doctors did nothing else to address his underlying health problems. His pain began to abate while he was at CHIPSA, and has completely disappeared. He is now active and enjoying life.

While he was at CHIPSA, Elwood's mother-in-law was also being treated there. She had some fatty tumors, (presumably benign) and Elwood reports that these disappeared after two weeks on the Therapy.

Another patient, Ethel, reported that she had been suffering from breast cancer and had been heavily treated with chemotherapy. This left her failing, and extremely weak. She told us that she could barely walk the few steps from the CHIPSA hospital entrance to the elevator. After some six months on the Gerson Therapy she is vastly improved, walks, and has good energy. Of course, after only six months on the Gerson Therapy, we are not claiming a cure, we are only reporting her improvement.

Yet another former patient reported that he was at the original La Gloria Gerson Hospital in 1981. He had been diagnosed with colon cancer and was given a colostomy at that time. Since colon cancer usually recurs after two to three years, he used the Gerson Therapy to heal his body and avoid any recurrence. It did the trick, and he remains free of recurrence for just under 15 years. He says that he is feeling fine.

The Gerson Institute.


By Charlotte Gerson

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