Seasonal affective disorder

SEASONAL affective disorder
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PSYCHOLOGY, Pathological

Abstract:This article presents information on seasonal affective disorder (SAD). According to the author, the disorder was first described in the 1980s, although many doctors and sufferers were aware of the condition long before then. It is reported that SAD is a form of depression that appears in autumn and may continue until March or April. In the spring there is often a mild state of euphoria, or hypomania. It is more common in women, and typically begins between the ages of 18 and 30. It is suggested by some studies that it is very common, with one in 50 people having mood disturbances in the winter months. It is stated that in milder forms, of the condition, there may just be a desire to hibernate, stay at home in the warm and avoid socializing. In severe forms, there may be profound depression, with its concomitants.

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