Never good to let stress rule you


In dealing with the impact of job loss, one of the more difficult responses you may have to becoming unemployed may be stress. It should be remembered that stress is typically a constant of one's life, and can take many forms.

What is important in the case of how you manage stress associated with job loss is how you deal with it. Stress is not an event; it is your body's non-specific response to an event, in this case job- loss and the various stressors which come with this situation.

For some, the stress associated with losing their job can be crippling, both emotionally and physically. For others, this stress can be a powerful motivator, and may inspire those individuals to approach their job search with a new energy.

Stress can be a powerfully positive or powerfully negative influence on you, depending on how you cope with the situation.

Does staying at home all day drive you nuts? Is your financial situation causing you to feel emotionally drained and/or depressed? Identifying what brings you stress is the first step in finding ways to manage it.

List the sources of stress which you have right now, as well as the specific situations in which you are experiencing stress. Now, try to identify any physical, psychological, and behavioral signs of stress as well as the frequency in which these signs occur.

The results will vary widely from person to person; however, if there are a lot of sources of stress, commonly occurring situations which cause you stress, and excessive signs of stress, you may wish to look at strategies you can use to manage your stress before it becomes physically and/or emotionally crippling.

Be human, don't try and overload yourself, this is a time to evaluate your situation not to be superhuman. Keep laughing, plaster a smile on your face and don't let humour leave your life.

Learn to say no, if you are encountering a situation which is giving you stress, avoid it, change the situation. Reach out, negative stress can cause people to focus on themselves a little too much, and forget that there are others around who can provide support.

Change your body's reaction to stress, when you feel under stress substitute relaxation (deep breathing, exercise) for stress; you'll probably enjoy it more. Be positive, Be positive, Be positive.

Remember, if the stress you are experiencing becomes too much, there are people who can help. Local or regional crisis lines, counseling agencies and/or your family physician are there to help. Don't let stress overcome your life, because we all know that unemployment bytes.