Don't let children use cellphones!

Don't let children use cellphones!

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The low-down on cell phones... and your child!

Cell Phones
1983 - Motorola launches the first commercial cell phone
2004 - UK Health Protection Agency warns about non-essential use by children

The May 2006 issue of TOTAL HEALTH lists the following Government actions to protect children:

* The German Academy of Pediatrics has warned parents to limit cell phone use among children.

* The Russian Radiation Protection Bureau has advised pregnant women and children under the age of 16 to avoid mobile phone use altogether.

* Parliamentary health officials in Great Britain have twice urged the nation's wireless industry to refrain from promoting mobile phone in children and publicly discourage children from using mobile phones for non-essential calls.

* Scandinavian health authorities have recommended that all consumers, especially children, should use whatever means possible to reduce their exposure to mobile phone radiation emissions.

* Health officials in Israel and Austria continue to recommend that children under the age of 16 not use cell phones at all.

With worldwide cell phone subscriptions exceeding 2 billion and marketers targeting young children, one of whom may be your own child, shouldn't you be concerned, very concerned?

It is very clear that the experts are telling us that there is a significant health issue not only with children, but adults as well. Doctors, independent researchers and public health officials all agree that we must intervene!

And we can, each one of us, one at a time.