Autism and 27 diseases

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Do the vaccine manufacturers and the CDC need to go back to the drawing board? Feel free to read the study and draw your own conclusions! I'm listing my favorite quotes, but feel free to read the full study if you want specifics.

"The vaccine industry has a difficult task in designing vaccines that are both safe and effective [53]."

"Since aluminum is a known neurotoxin, there is no safe level. The central nervous system is
particularly susceptible to the deleterious effects of aluminum. Exposure of human neuronal cells to a
low concentration (100 nM) of aluminum sulfate induces a response that emulates the gene expression
changes associated with Alzheimer's disease [67]."

"...aluminum directly causes in vitro aggregation of neurofilaments characteristic of many human
neurological diseases [42]."

"A U.S.-based study published in 2010 [89] determined that a three-fold increased risk to autism was
associated with neonatal administration of Hepatitis B (Hep-B) vaccine prior to 1999, compared with
either no vaccination or a delay until after the first month of age. Notably, Hep-B contains both
aluminum and mercury."

"In [90], it was reported
that six infants died suddenly within 48 hours of having received a hexavalent vaccine, a frequency
that is abnormally high compared to the risk of SIDS in the general population. Unexpectedly high
SIDS rates following vaccination are also reported in [91]."

"In [94], it was reported that the observed rate of anaphylaxis following
administration of the HPV vaccine to females aged 12 to 26 was significantly higher than the rate
observed following other vaccines."

"If the MMR vaccine is administered simultaneously with
DTaP, an aluminum-containing vaccine (as is often the case), then the acetaminophen would likely
interfere with the child’s ability to dispose of the aluminum.
The autism-associated events exhibited an 84% increased"

"Hep-B is administered usually within 24 hours of birth, and most definitely in the first two months
of life, and HiB Titer is administered three or four times before the age of 15 months. These two
vaccinations would thus cause an accumulation of mercury and aluminum along with a depletion of the
bioavailability of sulfate prior to the MMR vaccine in the vulnerable child, leaving them more
susceptible to an infection arising from the live virus administered in MMR, and a subsequent dose of
Tylenol (acetaminophen) to curb fever.
Another aspect we investigated was"

"If the current CDC immunization schedule [111] is followed,
babies are injected with nearly 5 mg of aluminum by 18 months of age."

"The alarming increase in seizures after
2000 is particularly disturbing in light of the known association between seizures and autism [44]."

Hep-B contains both mercury and aluminum, and since it is administered at birth, it is likely to be a
major factor contributing to the steady rise in autism-related events in the latter half of the 1990's.
The practice of requiring Hep-B administration at birth is likely to be extremely dangerous to
children who are born with a sulfur deficiency. Furthermore, Hep-B booster shots are often
administered in conjunction with the varicella vaccine (chicken pox). Children with a compromised
immune system can respond to the live varicella vaccine by coming down with full blown chicken pox,
and the infection in turn leads to increased vulnerability to the aluminum contained in the Hep-B vaccine."

" associated infection (whether a
simple cold or the chicken pox or something else) increases the risk to aluminum toxicity, due to the
additional burden on the immune system."

"While the autism community has focused on the mercury in thimerosal as the main culprit in
vaccines, our studies with the VAERS database have identified aluminum and acetaminophen as being
likely even more damaging than mercury. Aluminum binds strongly to sulfur-containing molecules,
and the body depends on sulfur for the proper elimination of both aluminum and acetaminophen, as
well as mercury. Because of the sulfur deficiencies, aluminum, mercury and acetaminophen likely
accumulate in the autistic brain, leading to further damage."

"Other potential sources of aluminum are aluminum flocking
agents in municipal water supplies, aluminum leaching from aluminum baby formula cans, and
aluminum in the human milk supply to the breastfeeding infant, absorbed by the mother from
sunscreen, antiperspirants, antacid medications, cooking utensils, etc."

"Both women of childbearing age and children should be encouraged to
consume foods that are rich in sulfur and to spend considerable time outdoors without sunscreen on
sunny days. It might be prudent to implement a screening test for sulfate and/or glutathione
concentration in the blood prior to administration of an aluminum-containing vaccine, and to waive the
vaccine or consider a non-aluminum-containing alternative if sulfate or glutathione levels are
insufficient. A delay by one month of the current practice of Hep-B administration at birth seems
warranted. The practice of including aluminum in the so-called “placebo” in vaccine trials should be
abolished, so that the effects of aluminum adjuvant can be formally measured in a premarket phase. It
would also be highly recommended to reconsider whether the increased immune response associated
with aluminum adjuvant is worth the price in terms of increased risk of adverse reactions. Based upon
our statistical research of the VAERS database, we would encourage the vaccine industry to consider
omitting aluminum adjuvant doping of all vaccines for both children and adults."

"The fact that mentions of autism rose steadily
concomitant with significant increases in the aluminum burden in vaccines, is highly suggestive.
However, it is possible that other factors, such as more aggressive reporting or simultaneous increases
in other environmental toxins, e.g., herbicides or pesticides, or aluminum in other products such as
antiperspirants and antacids, may have contributed to these observed increases."

"We propose that simple corrective measures such as
increased sunlight exposure and decreased use of sunscreen may help protect a child from a severe
reaction to aluminum-containing vaccines, but we also feel that the vaccine industry should find a way
to reduce or even eliminate the aluminum content in vaccines."

Stephanie Seneff , Robert M. Davidson, and Jingjing Liu

“Immunization is total nonsense! More than that is what's hidden from people about vaccines. They are dangerous. One child out of five has overwhelming disabilities from vaccines—neurological problems, seizures.” –Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, MD.