Salmon (wild)

Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Lower Eye Disease Risk


The article explains that medical research published in the "Archives of Ophthalmology" periodical reveals omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil reduce risk of eye disease and help prevent age-related ...

Wild salmon for supper


The article offers information on the nutritional value of salmon. It has a wide array of nutrients, including a major dose of protein and generous helpings of niacin and vitamin B12, both of whi...

Wild Salmon Don't Do Drugs, and Other Fish Stories


The article discusses the health and environmental issues confronting salmon fishing. Impact of pesticides from agriculture on the survival of salmon; Citations of the drawbacks in fish farming;...

Simple salmon


Now it's easier than ever to keep your health in the pink

Flashing through the cold, dark streams of Scotland, surging up the coast of Oregon and Washington, gliding majestically through the waters of Alaska, sleek, silvery salmon never fail to excite fishermen. And whether set out poached and garnished as the decorative center of attention at a banquet table, laden smoked and savory on a bagel, or barbecued and striped from the grill, the beautiful peachy-pink flesh of salmon never fails to excite the most discriminating of eaters.

Farmed Salmon Under Fire


Presents information on the issues caused by consuming farmed salmon. Origin of salmon farming; Environmental and biological problems caused by salmon farming; Description of the health risks in...

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