7 Tips to Beat Insomnia


There’s not much worse than lying awake at night. As hard as you might try to force your eyes shut and turn your brain off, it seems inevitable that soon the morning light will come creeping in and not long after, that dreaded alarm clock will ring to remind you of all the things you need to get up and get ready for—on little to no sleep.

Insomnia is one foul beast and there’s no singular cause that explains your nightly battle; it could be stress-induced or due to a medical condition, among other reasons, but whatever the case may be, it’s never fun.

How to get into nursing


With its focus on caring for others and helping people regain their optimum health, nursing is one of the most fulfilling career paths for you to take. You might have been inspired by tales of the strength and courage displayed by nursing staff during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. In addition to this, the Census Bureau 2018 predicts that there will be a 28% growth in nursing jobs between 2018 and 2028, making now the time to embark on a new career in nursing. Here is a short guide for how to become a nurse.

Know what type of nursing you want to do

5 Careers in Alternative Medicine


If you’re passionate about healthcare, which does not require the use of surgery or drugs, a career in alternative medicine could be the ideal path for you. Alternative medicine as a discipline is becoming more and more popular in the US and looks set to continue to follow that upward trajectory. Alternative medicine takes a natural approach to curing illness and treating pain through physical therapies, person-centered counselling, natural supplements, dietary adjustments, and the use of herbs. Many of these practices have been around for centuries and trusted by people all over the world.

5 Common Diseases and The Symptoms You Should Look For


As people get older, it is common for them to develop different health conditions that need to be cared for. Knowing the symptoms and signs of some of the more severe diseases and conditions can help to reduce their impact. For example, catching cancer before it spread to other parts of the body. These five common diseases can be treated, but you should take preventive measures to help reduce the chances of developing them in the first place.

1. Diabetes

How to Heal a Fractured Relationship During Addiction Recovery


Addiction is a powerful monster that strips us of our right minds and causes deep-seated pain that, in most cases, will not stop at you. The issue with addiction, of course, is that though you may not be in your right mind you are solely responsible for the pain you have caused and the subsequent consequences. Having a sex addiction will not automatically excuse you of cheating or of neglecting your partner in favor of visual stimulants. Having a gambling addiction will not excuse you from debt.

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