The Truth about Vaccines from Parents, Nurses, Doctors, Scientists, and History

My name is Meghan Rose. I am a former Infectious Disease RN (Registered Nurse). I have six beautiful children, two fully-vaccinated, two partially-vaccinated, and two not vaccinated. When I learned the truth about the fraudulent vaccine program, it was an absolute no-brainer for me to speak up about it. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story with you.

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Trung Nguyen
April 2019

COVID-19 Coronavirus: The only ways to catch a virus are through injection (vaccines) and blood transfusion


April 26, 2020. The WHO, CDC, and state governments have wildly different incident and mortality rates for Covid-19. Depending on what doctor or scientist you ask, Covid-19 is a pandemic or it's milder than the seasonal flu. How is this possible in this age of "science"? At one time, the WHO and Gates Foundation predicted that there would be 2 million deaths, then 60 000, then 30 000. In hindsight, these "predictive models" are useless and the worst case scenario is used to inject fear. They don't reveal what factors are used to derive at the predictive model.

Fear of the Invisible--a book review


In Fear of the Invisible, investigative journalist Janine Roberts describes her 12-year exploration of many fields of ‘big medicine’. Beginning as a firm believer in the official theory of harmful viral invaders and the effectiveness of vaccines, she was dismayed by what she discovered, and eventually arrived at a broader and very different perspective on the causes of disease. She writes:

COVID-19 coronavirus is a manmade disease, possibly a bioweapon or radiation sickness from 5G wireless networks


First published Jan. 15, 2020

Sep. 27 2020 update. Let's summarize what we know about this "pandemic" that's killing people left and right. One thing we know for sure is that billions are being made by the medical industry from masks, gloves, sanitizers, and faulty tests. As of Sep. 27 2020:

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