Genome as a Two-Dimensional Walk


The article discusses the representation of a sequence of DNA nucleotides as a research approach to determine the problem of the identification and biological significance of chromosome fragments...

Calcium signaling-mediated endogenous protection of cell energetics in the acutely diabetic myocardium


In acute diabetic myocardium, calcium signals propagated by intracellular calcium transients participate in the protection of cell energetics via upregulating the formation of mitochondrial energ...

Lost Nucleotides


Although Alexander S. Bradley's article "Expanding the Limits of Life" provides a fascinating account of the discovery of microbes in a previously unknown kind of hydrothermal vent ecosystem on the seafloor, it does not substantiate his claim that the findings hint that life may have originated in an environment like the Lost City hydrothermal vent.

Interaction of low-energy electrons with the purine bases, nucleosides, and nucleotides of DNA


The authors report results from computational studies of the interaction of low-energy electrons with the purine bases of DNA, adenine and guanine, as well as with the associated nucleosides, deo...

Enhancement of the transverse conductance in DNA nucleotides


We theoretically study the electron transport properties of DNA nucleotides placed in the gap between two single-wall carbon nanotubes capped or terminated with H or N. We show that in the case o...

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