Meatless proteins


Several recipes including Tofu Cabbage Rolls, Black Bean Patties, and Shepherd's Pie Without the Sheep are presented.

Effect of protein intake, hyperglycaemia and micronutrients on DNA damage and mitogen responsiveness of peripheral blood...


The aim of the study was to comprehensively assess foods differing in protein type (whey vs casein) relative to a low glycaemic index (GI) and high GI carbohydrate (CHO) food for their effects on...

The Role of Dietary Protein on Lipotoxicity


The worldwide increase in degenerative diseases is in part due to modifications in the lifestyle including the diet. Epidemiological, clinical, and experimental evidence shows that soy protein ma...

Dietary Intake of Soy Protein and Tofu in Association With Breast Cancer Risk Based on a Case-Control Study


Soy food and its constituents may protect against breast cancer, but the association between soy intake and decreased breast cancer risk is inconsistent. We evaluated the relationship between bre...

Influence of selenised dairy proteins on biomarkers of colon cancer risk


Selenium is an essential trace element for mammals, and a component of at least 25 selenoproteins which incorporate the amino acid selenocysteine (Sec). These proteins include a number with oxido...

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