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Natural Stress Management Tips for Students

College requires students to put in significantly higher levels of effort than they did at high school. And, going to college can be very stressful especially during periods of increased study, such as when assignments and exams are due. When you are at college, the work is often much harder than you are used to, there is more requirement to self-study and the standard for work is much higher. This can lead to college students suffering from high stress levels, or in some cases, even anxiety.

Stress: Could it be Adrenal Fatigue?


Stress has become one of the leading health problems in Western society. While most stress these days is from psychological stressors, any stressor, whether chemical, physical or psychological in origin, will provoke a physiological response in the body.

The role of adaptogens in stress management


Stress is a normal part of everyday life but it is important to be able to use tools for its management otherwise chronic stress, if left untreated, can lead to a variety of stress related illnes...

Words of Wisdom


The Wisdom of the Buddha

There’s a Buddhist story. One of Buddha’s students approached him and asked, “Are you the Messiah?”

“No”, Buddha replied.
“Well, are you a healer?” the student asked.
“No,” Buddha replied again.
“Are you a teacher?”
Exasperated, the student asked, “Well, then what are you?”

Buddha replied, “I’m awake.”

Fine line between positive, negative stress: Best to learn about stress management


Stress, that all too familiar word, may be defined as your body and mind's response to a demand.

Although it has taken on a negative spin, stress may actually be positive. It can motivate us and give us the energy to accomplish tasks. However, there is a fine line between positive stresses that drive us and negative stress that can make us miserable and ill.

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