Mysteries OF THE Body ... SOLVED


Skin bumps, shaky hands, lines under the fingernails… Are they something or nothing? Your body's quirkiest quirks, explained

Q What's with the BUMPS ON MY SKIN?

Come on out & play!


Who says exercise has to be work? Just head outdoors and start having fun! Here, 13 great ideas to get moving, pump up energy, and make fitness part of your everyday life

Remember when you were a kid and the activities you did all summer--biking, swimming, playing tag--never felt like work but pure pleasure? You can easily recapture that feeling again as a grown-up. All it takes is a little outdoor exploration.

Is Your Produce Losing Health Power?


YES. Our fruits and veggies are not as nutritious as they used to be--but there's plenty you can do about it

Double YOUR Pleasure


It's good for your health Coffee + chocolate is to health what water + sunshine is to flowers. 9 delightful duos that nourish your mind, body + soul

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