Offers tips for getting enough calcium to prevent osteoporosis. Risk factors for osteoporosis; Recommended amount of calcium for women under the age of 51; Comparison on the effectiveness of cit...

The Calcium Connection


Discusses the importance of calcium to health. Way by which calcium affects chronic diseases; Health benefits of high calcium intake; Role of calcium in several body functions.
Database: Alt HealthWatch

The calcium paradox


wellness solutions from a natural perspective This mineral mainstay still does a body good. But for stronger bones, eat less meat and dairy

a DAILY CALCIUM PILL has been the supplemental mantra of millions of women — that is, until earlier this year, when the largest, most rigorous investigation to date showed that calcium supplements do little or nothing to prevent osteoporosis and resulting bone fractures.

Calcium, Vitamin D and the Vitamin D Receptor: Impact on Prostate and Breast Cancer in Preclinical Models


The article looks at research which examined the impact of vitamin D, vitamin D receptors, and calcium on breast cancer and prostate cancer. According to the article, three animal models found th...

Relationship Between Calcium, Lactose, Vitamin D, and Dairy Products and Ovarian Cancer


Abstract: Few prospective studies of the relationship between intake of dairy foods, calcium, vitamin D, and lactose and ovarian cancer have been conducted, and results have been largely inconsis...

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