Iron: how much is enough?


Here's what you need to get just the right dose
Q How can I tell if I'm getting enough iron?

A That's an important question. Iron is a key part of hemoglobin, a protein your red blood cells use to carry oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. If you're low in iron, you may feel weak and run-down because your body isn't getting enough oxygen.

Many of us grew up with the idea that red meat is high in iron--and it is. But it's also high in cholesterol, animal fat, and other undesirables.

How to Ensure Adequate Iron Absorption from Iron-fortified Food


Examines ways on how to ensure adequate iron absorption from iron-fortified food. Optimizing the iron compound with respect to bioavailability and potentially unacceptable sensory changes in the...

Iron, Oxidative Stress, and Disease Risk


Based on epidemiologic evidence citing excess iron as a risk factor for many diseases, and oxidative stress as an underlying cause for those diseases, iron-induced oxidative stress has recently g...

Iron, Cancer, Chelators and Rice Bran


Reports on indications of iron's link with cancer. Primary risk factor for cancer; Growth of tumors in an iron-rich environment; Increase in the risk of cancer with alcohol consumption.

Iron--The Most Deadly Metal


The article provides information on iron toxicology. Iron is an important trace element and is critical for carrying oxygen in the blood and in numerous enzymes, which promotes normal metabolism....

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