Nutritional Influences on Illness


The article presents several mineral deficiencies that are associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. According to the author, the excess of copper in human body...

A Note on Copper Levels and Tourette Syndrome


Cites key research findings in 2003 indicating that biochemical reasons for elevated dopamine can include copper deficiency or ascorbate deficiency. Connection between elevated copper levels and...

Rate the Copper in Your Multi


Nutrition News If you take the wrong kind, you may still be deficient

Q. You recently recommended multi supplements with copper sulfate and nixed those with copper oxide. But my multi lists "copper gluconate." What's the deal?

A. Your supplement's fine, according to David Baker, PhD, nutrition researcher at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. He told us that several forms of copper are as absorbable as copper sulfate-the gold standard. (See list below.)

Copper Can Help Women Retain Calcium While Dieting


The article presents information on a study which found the importance of adequate amounts of copper during the weight-loss process. A carefully controlled nutrition study in humans found that wh...

Copper Uses


Provides information on the use of copper and brass surfaces in preventing the spread of disease-causing microorganisms. Reduction in microbial food poisoning; Death of Escherichia coli in copper...

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