7 Supplements for Better Bones


When we go for a check-up, most healthcare practitioners listen to our hearts, take our weight and blood pressure and may even discuss age- and sex-appropriate cancer-screening tests. Another significant, although less high-profile, aspect of good health that is sometimes overlooked is the condition of our bones.

Natural Approaches to Epilepsy


This article reviews research on the use of diet, nutritional supplements, and hormones in the treatment of epilepsy. Potentially beneficial dietary interventions include identifying and treating...



The article provides information on kale, a leafy green cruciferous vegetable of the Brassica genus. Kale is considered as a rich source of organosulfur compounds which shows the reduction of can...

Quinoa: The Miracle Grain


The article offers information on the Quinoa, a gluten-free whole grain. It states that Quinoa is high in essential amino acids, high in fiber; gluten free and a complete protein. It also notes t...

The Energy Diet


Feeling fatigued? Supercharge your meals with the 10 most vibrant foods and you may never have another "energy crisis."

WE ALL KNOW BETTER, but sometimes when we're in the grip of an afternoon energy slump, feeling weak and foggy, we reach for cookies, candy, and coffee for a quick fatigue fix. Sure, we get the fix but it sets us up for a vicious cycle of highs and lows that eventually leaves us with less energy than we started out with, says John Douillard, M.D., author of The 3-Season Diet (Three Rivers Press, 2001).

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