Selenium: are you getting enough?


The article offers information on the health benefits of selenium, a dietary mineral. Studies have shown that selenium can help fight infections, maintain brain function in the elderly, and preve...

Multiple Sclerosis: Magnesium, Selenium, Iodine and Mercury Connection


There is no disputing the fact that modern pharmaceutical medicine has not solved nor cured any of the modern chronic disease plagues that are morphing out of control into pandemics. What is going on in the areas of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strokes and neurological disease is painting a horrific image of the failure of contemporary medicine, which seems unable to learn anything about what will make a difference for their patients. They are good to go with words of promise but they don't deliver and things are only getting worse in terms of public health.

Molecular Targets for Selenium in Cancer Prevention


Mounting evidence reveals that selenium is a dietary constituent with anticarcinogenic and antitumorigenic properties. Various forms of selenium appear to be effective in bringing about these eff...

Selenium Accumulation in Plant Foods


Selenium (Se) is an essential nutrient, and Se deficiency is associated with disease conditions and general impairment of the immune system. Supplementation of Se to humans already consuming the ...

US Court Rules in Favour of Free Speech on Selenium Health Claims


Will this precedent influence European policy on health claims for foods and food supplements?

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