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Chlorine, the most commonly used water disinfectant, is being fazed out in the United States. An emerging body of evidence suggests that contamination of the environment with chlorine-based synthetic chemicals may be an important factor in the epidemic of breast cancer. In virtually every nation in the world, breast cancer incidence is rising. Since about 1930 the disease has been increasing steadily at the rate of one to two per cent annually in most industrialized countries. It's increasing by four per cent in the US.

Chlorine Chemicals Disrupt Reproduction


The ability of humans to reproduce is threatened by a group of synthetic chemicals produced from chlorine, according to Greenpeace. Infertility, birth defects and altered levels of sex hormones are some of the cases cited in the report "Body Of Evidence - The Effects Of Chlorine On Human Health."

The report is the first assessment of all the current evidence on the effects of chlorinated compounds, commonly known as organochlorines, on human health.

From the Tap to the Womb: Chlorine Contamination


A study by the California Department of Health published in March, 1998, tracked the drinking water consumption and the pregnancy outcomes of 5,144 pregnant women in a prepaid health plan during the period 1989-1991. The drinking water consumption of the women was ascertained as soon as their pregnancy was registered in the study's database. Later, the outcome of their pregnancy was compared with the amount of water they drank and the total amount of trihalomethanes (THMs) they received from water treated with chlorine (information received from the water companies).

Alternative to Chlorine Water Treatment Needed


The safety of our drinking water is brought into question with the use of chlorine as a disinfectant.

- Chlorine is connected with the deadly dioxins. It is being phased out in the U.S. due to new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) water quality regulations.

- Scientific studies have proven that we inhale and our bodies absorb more chlorine and toxic chemicals while showering and bathing than by drinking the very same tap water.

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