Thyroxine (tetraiodothyronine)

Thyroid hormone related to bone loss

Thyroid replacement therapy is frequently prescribed. Patients with a thyroid cancer history and goiter must be especially careful not to overdose on thyroxine, the recommended drug, because it can lead to development of osteoporosis, or bone degeneration.

Stomach acid interacts with thyroid hormone treatment

The article examines patients with multinodular goiter who were receiving treatment with thyroxine. Of the total two hundred forty-eight patients, fifty-three also had Helicobacter pylori-related...

Shorts: L-Thyroxine Therapy Implicated in Causing Bone Loss in Women

Thyroid supplementation has never been given a fair shake - just ask a colleague who subscribes to Broda Barnes' school of hypothyroidism. Lately, some physicians have actually been reprimanded for treating patients with thyroid supplement if their serum T-3 and T-4 levels have been normal prior to therapy. The pros and cons for thyroid therapy have been argued vociferously on these pages; still, thyroid treatment remains controversial.

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