Clinical benefit and preservation of flavonols in dark chocolate manufacturing


The consumption of high-cacao-content chocolate has been associated with positive health benefits ascribed to flavonol antioxidants derived from the ground, fermented cocoa seeds of Theobroma cac...

Dark chocolate


I'm not sure what I liked better about the movie Chocolat: Johnny Depp or the trays of dark confections that slowly filled Juliette Binoche's magical candy shop. What does it say about you when a doe-eyed hunk and chocolate truffles have the same sex appeal? It says you're a woman. In fact, Italian researchers have found that women who eat chocolate regularly have higher levels of sexual desire than women who don't indulge. There has been no research that I know of confirming a similar association with Johnny Depp.

The Emerging Role of Flavonoid-Rich Cocoa and Chocolate in Cardiovascular Health and Disease


Cocoa and chocolate have recently been found to be rich plant-derived sources of antioxidant flavonoids with beneficial cardiovascular properties. These favorable physiological effects include: a...

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