Potential Cancer-Chemopreventive Activities of Wine Stilbenoids and Flavans Extracted From Grape (Vitis vinifera) Cell Cultures


Moderate consumption of wine is associated with a reduced risk of cancer. Grape plant cell cultures were used to purify 12 phenols: the stilbenoids trans-astringin, trans-piceid (2), trans-resver...

Stilbenoids from the lianas of Gnetum pendulum


The first new isorhapontigenin dimer glucoside gnetupendin D ( 1 ) and a stilbene dimer coupled by a resveratrol and an oxyresveratrol with a cis -dihydrobenzofuran were obtained from the lianas ...

A new stilbenoid from Arundina graminifolia


A chemical investigation of the Orchidaceae Arundina gramnifolia has led to the isolation of a novel stilbenoid, named arundinan ( 1 ). The structure of 1 has been elucidated as 2-( p -hydroxyben...

Stilbenoids from Stemona japonica


Three new dihydrostilbenes, stilbostemins J–L (1–3), and a new dihydrophenanthrene, stemanthrene F (4), were isolated from the roots of Stemona japonica together with two known bibenzyls, 3,5-dih...
Database: Alt HealthWatch

Stilbenoids from Stemona sessilifolia


Two new dihydrostilbenes, stilbostemins H (1), I (2), and a new dihydrophenanthrene, stemanthrene E (3), were isolated and identified from the roots of Stemona sessilifolia, together with known s...

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