Cinnamic acid

Otostegia persica as a Source of Natural Antioxidants


The antioxidant activity of different extracts of aerial parts of Otostegia persica (Bu-rm.) Boiss., Labiateae were evaluated using b-carotene bleaching and lipid pero-xidation models. The inhibi...

Ether-soluble resin glycosides from the roots of Ipomoea batatas


Two new resin glycosides, batataosides I (1) and II (2), and five known compounds, friedelin (3), scopoletin (4), octadecyl caffeate (5), ?-sistosterol (6) and daucosterol (7), were isolated from...

Two new compounds from the dried tender stems of Cinnamomum cassia


Two new compounds, cinnamic aldehyde cyclic d-galactitol 3'R,4'S-acetal (1) and cinnamomumolide (2), along with six known compounds, syringaresinol (3), lyoniresinol (4), 5,7,3'-trimethoxyl-( - )...

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