Gallic acid

DNA damage protecting activity and in vitro antioxidant potential of the methanol extract of Cyclotrichium niveum


Cyclotrichium niveum (Boiss.) Manden. & Scheng., a herb of the Labiate family, has been widely used as a flavoring agent in Turkey; it was examined for its antioxidant potential and DNA damage pr...

Materia Medica: Gallic Acid


Massimo Mangialavori's Gallic Acid case is, in many ways, characteristic of this lesser-known remedy. One key symptom of the remedy (and a characteristic of this case) is an extreme fear of being alone. This fear is pronounced both day and night, but is worse at night, when it can also be accompanied by a fear of ghosts. Massimo s client s need for his childhood servant to sleep in his room, even as an adult, his need to travel only to places where he could find someone to stay with him at night, and his sleep patterns (e.g.

A Case of Gallic Acid


Felice is a 45-year-old single lawyer. He presents as a very distinguished gentleman and speaks in a very calm tone of voice as if he were controlling his diaphragm. He moves his legs and fingers nervously even though he sits almost immobile during the entire visit. He is very thin and wears thick glasses. His canine teeth are clearly eroded from an old habit of grinding his teeth. He spontaneously reports:

Gallic Acid Derivatives From Mezoneuron Benthamianum Leaves


The leaves of Mezoneuron benthamianum yielded methyl gallate and gallic acid as the constituents responsible for its antibacterial activity. (-)-Shikimic acid-3-O-gallate, 1-O-methyl-D-chiro-inos...

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